Press: Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?


Website:The Orlando Sentinel

Title:‘Want to land a role in a Fred Schnieder movie?’

Author | Publish date:Blog by The Orlando Sentinal June 2006

Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?
Posted on Jun 15, 2006

By the Orlando Sentinal Blog

The B-52s frontman is making something titled Hogzilla, which he will be pitching/showing the trailer for at the upcoming pig themed Aida Big Phat Digital movie festival.

And even though they’re only buying ads in the gay mag Watermark, WTH? I’ll give’em a nod.

Two events will provide casting ops. The first is the June 18 T-dance at the Parliament House. The second is an Aida event at Lake Eola on June 25.

Go to for details.

And Hogzilla? That’s a Georgia folk-legend that turned out to be true, right? A monster hog the size of an Escalade?


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