Press: ‘Wanziegram June’


Title: ‘Wanziegram June’

Author | Publish date : blog by Mike Wanzie June 2006


Friday, June 16, 2006

Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival
For many years now, Florida has been developing a more competitive film market by keeping film productions in Florida. There are state sanctioned incentives in place to provide the financial assistance that many new Florida production companies need to succeed. The folks at Cochino Gordo Productions are taking it one step further, by sponsoring a cool, hip, truly independent, PHAT film festival at which the real independent filmmakers of Florida can express their creativity in their own way. This is a place where their dreams become one step closer to reality. This is AIDA’S BIG PHAT FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL and were here to stay. The first annual AIDA’S BIG PHAT FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL will take place in July, 2006 in Orlando, Florida.

Be it short, long, animated, music video, drama, comedy, religious, political, gay, straight, bi, outrageous, conservative, sweet, ugly, or sexy! This – Florida’s first and only digital festival for the exclusive exhibition of films by Floridian filmmakers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exhibit at this inaugural event! If you have a film. Submit it now – or forget about it for another whole year! Find out more by visiting the website!

Mink Stole – world renowned actor and star of cult filmmaker John Waters’ films – A Dirty Shame, Cry Baby, Serial Mom, Hairspray and others – will be a guest speaker during Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival. Ms. Stole will speak at the Orange County Historical Center (in Downtown Orlando adjacent to Heritage Park) on July 7th at 8:30 PM.

Mink Stole’s appearance is just one of the many festivities included in this inaugural digital film fest which will present screenings at both The Parliament House and the Orange County Historical Center.

Other Guest Speakers include Fred Schneider of the B-52’s – creator of the upcoming film – HOGZILLA, as well as Frances Milstead – mother of the late actor/drag icon – DIVINE; who will be promoting FRANCES – the documentary of her life, which will be one of the featured films at the festival.

Two films that WANZIE co-created along with Orlando filmmaker Jason Piekarski and the crew at Lantern Light Studios will be featured entries at Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival:
THE MISS SAMMY SHOW: A Day In The Life of Miss Sammy


PAUL WEGMAN: A Tribute – which won the award for Best Documentary Short at the 2005 Fire Island Film Festival held as an adjunct to the prestigious Long Island Film Festival.
For scheduled events and screening times log onto:

Remember you can get “Porked” by Aida the Film Phest Pig, and if you are lucky enough to be a porkee, you will land a role in HOGZILLA, the film by the B-52’s Fred Schneider which will be a featured entry in the 2007 festival. Porking is one of the ways the Cochino Gordo folks are utilizing to publicize and create interest in the July 2006 inaugural festival, which will present digital films produced by filmmakers who reside in the state of Florida.

And remember – Keep your eye on Aida the Pig


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