NEWS FLASH: Maximus 3000 Founds/Spearheads the 8025 Alliance Music Group

Maximus Is the proud Owner and Master mind behind The New 8025 Alliance Music Group. Which combines the collective influence, Careers, and lineage of some of the best and brightest up and coming American and Global EDM recording artists, as well as some of the heavy hitters of the Freestyle, Breakbeats, New York House, Latin Tribal, Electronica, EBM, Goth and industrial scenes.

Our Digital Realm:

The all New will act not only as a Hub, for the family of Labels, Artists, Musicians, DJs, and Producers, but as a portal for unifying the vast world of EDM though our sphere and vision. The group’s manifesto will be to form an alliance to bring to light, the vast sectors that connect us all, the world of our Artists and Musicians through a unified effort.

The All new will feature a home page for Each sublabel with Artist highlights, album reviews, featured releases and news articles.

The All new also features:

a detailed Events Calendar with events listings for every Artist and related Artist in our Music Group. Check out Special Upcoming Events.

An Open Source Remix Projects Area, Available to ANYONE From aspiring DJ/Producers to Professional Producers and Remixers who are interested in Remixing our Catalogue. As well as a detailed network of Remixers and Producers on file.

A Digital Distribution Service through 8025 Alliance Music Group, includes direct presence on, , and iTunes among others (600 other online partners actually).

Playlist Submission Section under Airplay, for all Terrestrial, Satellite and Internet Hosts/DJs, As well as Supporting Club, Mobile and House Party DJs to post links and playlists along with their resident clubs, links and kudos/comments. (find out more HERE).

In the works:

a fully functional MP3 shop with cross-search database of every label, artist, album, single, remix, and remixer in the combined roster.

Introducing Electro Dance Portal!

The all new Has Partnered with to bring you a Feature a rich community system, ELECTRO DANCE PORTAL.

Fans, Producers, Promoters, Remixers, Musicians, Singers, Label Owners, Bloggers, Alike will be able to Sign Up and create a fully customizable profile. Featuring a rich system with various features such as email, Chat, uploading MP3s and creating custom playlists, Sharing Videos, Photos, Posting Bulletins, Adding Friends , starting threads/polls/groups , and Much much much more! 100% free and 100% open.

Best of ALL, you can Create your own Widgets with our wizards like Flash slideshows, Flash Music Players, Video Players etc. ALL customizable and Free so you can “Pimp” your ELECTRO DANCE PORTAL profile, Myspace Page, Facebook page or Blogger Page.

More info:

Learn More About our initial Family of Labels (8025 Alliance Silver Division & Pop Division Imprints, Amplitude Recordings/ Kiki Records, and Destune Records/Heaven Sent Grooves) and Label Partner Owners, including DJ Maximus 3000, Mike Mucci, Al Camara, Jonpito, DJ Jorge Ojeda, and DJ Vidal and their lineage.



About DJMaximus3000

Alex Ferbeyre aka DJ Maximus 3000 Miami based DJ/Producer/Remixer, Writer/blogger, Record Label Owner, and Experimental Artist. "I am a Dance Music Afficianado First and Foremost and an artist who explores a variety of Mediums. I work in the music industry under various disciplines and skills. From Producer to Promoter to DJ to Remixer to Marketing Director to Radio Host, and Everythign in between. My Largest passion has always been Music and DJing, to which i am happy to say I am living my dream and making a Living from it as well." check out: ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| iTunes Podcasts: ||| Official DJ Maximus 3000 iPhone APP:

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