NEWS FLASH: For Immediate Release: Features “Right on Target”

For Immediate Release:  July 17, 2008 Features Megatron and Michael M’s “Right on Target” (with Mixes by Mitch Orlando, Giuseppe D. and DJ Maximus 3000.) Announced Yesterday July 16, 2008 that it will be featuring Megatron (a.k.a. Giuseppe D) & Vocalist Michael M’s 2008 Electro Cover of the Classic Post disco Anthem “Right on Target” on its Homepage Spotlight. Originally Produced by Patrick Cowly in 1982 and Sung by Paul Parker, it Had reached N0.1 on the billboard dance charts in 1983 and took the early Hi-NRG and Post Disco scene by storm.  Parker & Cowly ( Cowly who was most notably recognized for the ultra electro “do you wanna funk” by Sylvester)  receives a respectful homage from Miami/NYC Singer Michael M.

The Vocal structure is UNDENIABLY vintage, yet the three variations on the production are completely fresh and modern, still maintaining the catchy luster of a classic gay disco vocal anthem.  Already receiving  High praise from many DJ/producers nationwide, its no wonder why Brett Henrichson of Masterbeat was  interested in featuring the track on his cutting edge new digital download port.

In recent weeks Masterbeat has acquired the entire SONY/BMG family of labels and has slowly but surely begun to release Fantastic dance and 12” collections & Maxi-singles of some of USA’s brightest top 40 Artists. Among featured artists currently on the site include Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Donna Summer, Christina Aguilera and Mirah Carey just to name a few.

With this sort of company, “Right on target” proves its worth, by earning a place among this elite rotation of current spotlight artists, which include the likes Natasha Beddingfield , Cyndi Lauper and Erin Hamilton in this edition.

Remixer  Maximus 3000 States, about the release “This Project means a lot to me. Not only is this one of my favorite tunes of all times,  as well as from Michael, but  also the opportunity to work with friends in the capacity of creation is a humbling experience, and makes it that much more intimate and meaningful. “. He goes on to explain the intrigue about the track “This track to me, is right up my ally, Classic Disco meets modern electro. I went all the way in trying to create what Patrcik Cowley would have produced had the song been written in 2008. Hence the title ’83 ’08 mix. Cowbells, Handclaps and Synths were laid on thick for a Reason! Lets see, The track hit #1 in 1983, perhaps we can repeat history in more ways than one!”. This is Maximus’ 3rd studio production, and only a slight indication of whats to come from His Miami Studio in the coming months, As he has taken a quantum leap from budding producer to a featured remixer on one of the largest music portals in the world. Also featured on the package is a “Magic Mix” by Philly’s own Mitch Orlando, Perfect for peak time explosion and which originally caught the Eye of Mr. Henrichson.

“Right on target” is the preamble  to Michael M’s Follow up to his 2005 viral hit, “Dear Diary”, aptly titled “Dear Diary Revisited”. Studio mixes are currently under wraps from Multiple producers including  the Production Team Jody Vukas and Chris Costanzo, George Carrasco (a.k.a. DJ Thunder), Guido Osario  and Many more surprise DJs.  “Dear Diary Revisited”  is predicted to be an even bigger smash than its precursor…stay tuned.




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