PRESS: The Wire Reports “Maximus 3000: The Hardest working DJ in South Florida”


Maximus 3000:

The Hardest Working DJ in South Florida



Whenever I’m out in the scene either spinning or just hangin’ with friends, I’m often asked “What’s so hard about DJing? You put a song on and when it’s almost over you play the next one.” If only it were that simple! Whether I’m spinning at a fundraising event, T-dance or cocktail lounge, as a DJ it’s my job to keep the party going no matter what the vibe is. That means not only choosing the right songs and blending them seamlessly, but reading the crowd and knowing when it’s time to change things up a bit. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not an exact science either. So you never really know how the crowd’s going to react to what you play. Every DJ has their own style, technique and even their own little tricks of the trade to help take their set to the next level. But we all have one thing in common-our passion for music. It’s that passion that eventually drives many DJs to take their skills out of the clubs and into the studio. These days if you’re a DJ wanting to make it to the big leagues it’s not enough to just spin other people’s songs anymore. Whether it’s a remix for another artist or a project of their own, production has become a given in just about every DJ’s portfolio. One DJ in particular has taken that concept and multiplied it to the Nth degree. Between his upcoming residency at a hot new venue, several production projects simultaneously under way and a weekly radio show, DJ Maximus 3000 could very well be the hardest working man behind the turntables.

 With A punk-rock star attitude, Maximus 3000‘s unique formula as a spinmaster focuses on the new wave of Vocal Electro-House.  Truly one of a kind, and with one goal always at the epicenter of each performance: to please his audience. With a cross section of dark electronic, early rave, soulful house, filtered disco, and techhouse influences;  He fuses elements of early 80’s, electro, classic breaks  and modern house styles in all his sets,  always high-energy, unexpected and intriguing, almost as much as his look. From the Petshop Boys to Ladytron to Deee-lite to current wave makers Deadmau5, Kaskade, and Eric Prydz, you’re sure to hear them all in his unique sets.

Both his mixing and production aesthetic stem from a diverse and extensive knowledge of electronica and intelligent dance music, a side affect of frequenting the Goth/underground clubs and touring the early rave scene during his youth. It’s that versatility that’s spawned invitations to headline events for all types of crowds. From sexy high-energy lounges and chic parties to mega dance clubs to Electro Rock bars, Maximus’ vocal and electro house beats have always had the power to uplift and dominate the crowds.

Although only 28 years old, Maximus 3000‘s experience is vast and well recognized. He’s lent his magic touch to signature South Florida venues like Score, Splash, Tantra, Funkshion, Soho Lounge, Deck23 and Boom Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, just to mention a few. Throughout his career, Maximus has also shared the stage with some of the most prestigious electronic heavy hitters in the biz such as The B-52s, Josh Riptide, Jes of Motorcycle, Fred Schnieder, The Klubjumpers, Mike Mucci, Michael M and Randy Freiss. With this arsenal of experience under his belt it’s no wonder Maximus was asked to take the musical wheel at one of the most highly anticipated and talked about venues in recent times:  The Living Room Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Slated to have its Grand Opening October 17, 2008 the clubs’ opening night is one not to be missed.

When asked how he feels to have one of the most coveted Residencies in South Florida, Maximus replied “I am truly excited about this project. There is a refreshing and innovative team behind all aspects of this venue, and it is my pleasure to contribute to that movement. Everything about this venue cosmically aligned for everyone involved and I also feel the public is yearning for a much needed ‘Next thing’.  The Nightlife scene has become very stagnant and my vow to bring 200% effort to the decks each and every performance is set in stone.  The venue to me can only be summed up in two words: Blissful synesthesia.  I hope to see each and everyone there!”

2008’s 4th quarter is a hotbed of activity for Maximus. He not only has his residency at Living Room but a slew of side projects involving almost every aspect of the dance music industry. That being said, he has pointed out that one of his goals in the next coming months is to take a more active part in the world around him through his sphere of influence and ties to the music industry. One such project is his latest Production: A remix for Gioia Bruno“Change the world” aptly titled DJ Maximus 3000’s Freedom Mix. For anyone who’s been living under a rock the last 20 years, Gioia Bruno was one third of the 80’s freestyle/pop/dance group Expose’. Together they topped the charts with hits like Point of No Return, Come Go with Me & Seasons Change. After the ladies parted ways, Gioia continued to pursue her passion for music, releasing a number of singles as a solo artist with a continued fan base to this day. Change the world is a donation to the Obama campaign and a collaborative effort between several artists. The original track was co-written by Andy Fraser (bassist for the group Free, best known for their hit All Right Now) and Gioia Bruno, and produced by Miami-based producers Musiq Maniacs. Intended to be an inspirational and educational message, the track is free domain and is available for download to share and pass along to everyone.

When I asked Maximus how he got involved with the project he said: “Well, like most things in the industry I got sent an acapella from a friend and was explained in very brief detail what the song was about and who was involved. It didn’t take too much back and forth before I went full force with my involvement. For one, it’s Gioia Bruno! Secondly the song fit so naturally with where I’m at right now it felt right to get involved.  Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate that speaks to me and represents me as an individual ,defending me and showing me a glimmer of hope in this country where I STILL don’t have the same rights as my heterosexual brothers and sisters. That boggles my mind and frankly hurts so deeply, it felt like my duty to take the torch on this issue. Turning it down would be turning down a chance to do something significant.  Besides Gioia’s lyrics and vocals are mind numbingly addictive! I implore everyone to go out and VOTE!”

With all these accomplishments under his belt and current projects underway, I just had to ask what else he’s got planned for the rest of 2008 and 2009. “I am working hard on bringing to the scene a different concept of house/electronic music that has the old-school influence and a completely fresh approach and style. I will keep on bringing my electro-vocal and upbeat sounds to the decks and continue with my work as a producer and remixer with some of the most talented national and international artists.” He’s recently inked a deal to produce New York Based Singer Tania Mashay on a set of Vocal House tracks which are slated to be released on his newly formed 8025 Alliance Music Group. His new record label group is comprised of a contingency of well known Miami-based independent dance labels including Amplitude Recordings headed by DJ/Producer Mike Mucci and Destune Records run by partners DJ/Producer Jorge Ojeda and Jonpito. He also has several remix projects about to drop on the digital market including remixes for Chris Costanzo and Jody Vokus on Distant Drum Recordings, Vanessa Conde on Destune Records, Evolved on Amplitude Recordings, T&A on Slanted Black Records, and several remixes for his currently signed artists including Oren Nizri and Ebonee Excell, Josh Riptide and the New York based Duo Exit 59.

All this is nicely capped off by the sealing of yet another venture joining the newly formed online radio network Dance Mix America as a partner and program director alongside Miami-based favorite Ceevox, and Orlando Radio personality and MC, DJ Jason Jensen. Maximus will be joining the stellar talents of Midnight Society, Saliva Commandos, DJ Paulo, and DJ Pride, among others as a mixshow DJ with his two distinct shows Atomic Sessions and Jack’s Groove (a specialty mixshow of 90’s mashups and throwbacks). And if that wasn’t  enough, he will also be a co-hosting two weekly talk/interview shows DMA Artist confidential and I got my education Podcasts which will feature in-depth interviews of some of the biggest and brightest Dance Music Stars in the industry, with his co-hosts Michael M and Jonpito.

If you thought that you had heard and seen it all, plan on attending Maximus 3000‘s upcoming performances. You can catch Maximus 3000 live as he headlines for the grand opening Living Room October 17, 2008 from 10-4am and then each and every Friday from then on, also earlier that day Maximus is spinning at Metamorphecise Spa and health club for a spin-a-thon to benefit the Braman Cancer Research foundation proudly sponsored by Maximus and his newly formed 8025 Alliance Music group and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Center. On October 26, 2008 Maximus will be celebrating his birthday along with DJ Oren Nizri by spinning at Click’s new Home at Aerobar.

To check out future events, more information on his upcoming radio schedule and to download your copy of Gioia Bruno’s Change the World visit and get ready for a refreshing journey!

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Alex Ferbeyre aka DJ Maximus 3000 Miami based DJ/Producer/Remixer, Writer/blogger, Record Label Owner, and Experimental Artist. "I am a Dance Music Afficianado First and Foremost and an artist who explores a variety of Mediums. I work in the music industry under various disciplines and skills. From Producer to Promoter to DJ to Remixer to Marketing Director to Radio Host, and Everythign in between. My Largest passion has always been Music and DJing, to which i am happy to say I am living my dream and making a Living from it as well." check out: ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| iTunes Podcasts: ||| Official DJ Maximus 3000 iPhone APP:

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