PRESS: LA Blogger Muzophile Interviews DJ Maximus 3000 for his Blog

Los Angeles Based Dance Music, Gay Pop Culture and Social Commentator Muzophile Interviews DJ Maximus 3000 about a  series of Topics in a one on one candid conversation on his Blog, Follow this Link for  For the Full Interview:


About DJMaximus3000

Alex Ferbeyre aka DJ Maximus 3000 Miami based DJ/Producer/Remixer, Writer/blogger, Record Label Owner, and Experimental Artist. "I am a Dance Music Afficianado First and Foremost and an artist who explores a variety of Mediums. I work in the music industry under various disciplines and skills. From Producer to Promoter to DJ to Remixer to Marketing Director to Radio Host, and Everythign in between. My Largest passion has always been Music and DJing, to which i am happy to say I am living my dream and making a Living from it as well." check out: ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| iTunes Podcasts: ||| Official DJ Maximus 3000 iPhone APP:

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  1. Hey DJ Maximus
    Congrats on the interview, Love me some muzophile, Don is a trip.

    Great Interview , and actually love the dialoge, made me know more about you. Cause I already know your a fantastic DJ. As I am on the dance floor when your around.
    Great to have you here in South Florida, and at Living Room.
    To everyone else that hasnt read his interview, I urge you to read.

    Proud to know ya and be a part of your world.

    P.S. Ill keep dancing if you keep spinning ;)

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