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PRESS: “Fan Page” Interviews DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

DJ Maximus 3000 grew up in Miami and burst onto the music scene as a deejay, veejay, musician, visual artist and cinematographer. His creativity and talent has definitely left a mark on South Florida. I talked to him about his unique sound and his upcoming releases. Editors note: You can hear Maximus at Living Room Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale on Friday nights and a guest appearance at Exit 66 in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Sheri Elfman: How would you describe your sound?
DJ Maximus 3000: In a word, eclectic. Generally, I play “Good Music.” I use nostalgia as a drug, a good tune you can sing along to always works. But, I play a range of house, classic sounds, filtered disco, electro, and high-energy music in a variety of styles.

SE:  What makes you different than other deejays?
M3000: I want to say that there are a lot of deejays that share my same sensibility and theory that my “job” and “skill” as a deejay and perfection in my craft come from playing for the crowds. I would say that I shy away from a growing trend in deejays that do it for ego or being the center of attention. Nothing gets me off more than moving a crowd and making a connection with my audience. That’s the high I live for and why I am so passionate about dejaying. I give the PEOPLE what they want, while satisfying my own artistic expression in breaking new music seamlessly.

SE: Your favorite party/place to spin at?
M3000: Besides my current residency (shameless plug) at the fabulous groundbreaking “Liquid Fridays” at Living Room Fort Lauderdale, truth is wherever there is a willing and good crowd of people happy and ready to dance – I’m there!

SE: Tell us about your latest release?
M3000: Well, I’ll tell you about several. As I am working like crazy this summer! My very latest was a remix I produced with the three time Grammy winning Klubjumpers for Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox’s second collaborative single “At Midnight,” which is already receiving major press and charting everywhere. I am happy to also announce that I will be co-producing and arranging several upcoming original productions for Jimmy D. Robinson alongside Ceevox, including an electronic/downtempo Ballad ala Acid Jazz. I am also currently working on many remixes and projects for my own record label 8025 Alliance Music Group, including original material with Tania Mashay. My full length solo debut EP is also well under way “Seraphin Eyes,” electronic/house covers of ’80s synth pop, and industrial vocal tracks featuring various vocalists. PHEW! So much more you’ll just have to look out on, itunes etc for all my upcoming releases (another shameless plug).

SE: Your favorite deejay?
M3000: I know this is cliche’ answer but, truth is there are way too many to answer. I enjoy such a wide range of artists and deejays from all over the world. Again, good music is good music.

SE: What’s your guilty pleasure?

M3000: Honestly,  I’m a sucker for “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” I know it’s sort of brainless, but I cant get enough of people tripping on themselves or cute animal videos. I Tivo every episode and repeat. That and chocolate. (*Grabs a Hershey Bar).

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PODCAST POST: DJ Maximus 3000 presents “Summer Sessions”


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Inspired by the sundrenched shores of the worlds hottest and most sultry locales. Ibiza, Fire Island, Capri, The Hamptons, South Beach, Montreal, Scandinavia and More. An excursion and study of the feel good, anthem , joyfull tunes that are associated with summer ranging from Funky house, filtered disco, and classics. A dash of pop, a hint of tribal, a pinch of electro, and vocal themes perfect for the pool party, beach bash or daytime soiree. A delectable cocktail of tunage without an expiration date.

SUN a Daytime inspired set and MOON, an homage to the terrace parties, afterhours and chic hotel/lounge parties of SOBE , a hats off to my home town of MIAMI!

Track 1 on SUN an original Production by myself and the 3 time grammy winning production Duo Klubjumpers and Track 11

Tania Mashay’s “can’t Stop Movin’ (Ace K remix)” a sure fire hit, out soon on 8025 Alliance Music Group, My Record Label.

Track 11 on MOON, by Philly dj/producer Chris Costanzo also featuring the vocal magic of Ms. Tania Mashay Special sneak peak! Enjoy!.

1. Jimmy D. RObinson presents Ceevox – At Midnight (Klubhjumpers & Maximus 3000 Dreamix Vocal)
2. Loveless feat Amanda Wilson – Miracle (Simmons & Christopher Remix)
3. Robin – you turn the tables (The DJ Made me do it) (Craig J Grande Diva Mix)
4. Eyereel Allstars feat Lucy Clarke – Get it on (Fish and Chips Mix)
5. Wide Boys – Daddy O (Soulseekerz Remix)
6. Spoon, Harris & Obernik – Baditude
7. Alex Gaudino feat shena – Watch Out
8. Beyonce’ – Halo (Karmatronic Mix)
9. Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight (Jhonny Vicious Mix)
10. Jennifer Carbonale vs Frisca and Lamboy – Broken Pieces (F&L Mixshow)
11. Tania Mashay – Can’t Stop Movin’ (Ace K Mix)
12. Brian Anthony – Worked Up! (Love to infinities UK extended Mix)
13. Georgie Porgie – Can You feel that sound (Fed Conti Original Club mix)
14. Out of Office – Break of Dawn 2008 (Suitcase at the Door)

1. Pryda – Miami to Atlanta
2. Bingo Players vs Chocolate puma – Touch Me (Bart B More Mix)
3. Camel Rider & Mark Alston feat Mark Shine – Addicted (Tommy Trash Mix)
4. Danny Dave & Steve Smart feat Amanda Wilson – Need in Me (Whelan and Discala Mix)
5. Soul Central feat Abigail Bailey – Time after time (Tommy Trash Mix)
6. David Guetta feat Chris Willis – Tommorrow Can’t wait
7. Da Groove Doctors feat Tommie Nibbs – All we Need is Love (Out of Office Mix)
8. Deadmau5 vs Melleefresh – Attention Whore (Bootylicious Mix)
9. Right Said Fred – I’m A celebrity (Raul Rincon Full Vocal Mix)
10. Pet Shop Boys – Love etc (Kurd Maverick Dub)
11. Chris Costanzo feat Tania Mashay – All about the Music
12. Loverrush UK! feat Sylvia Tosun – 5 Reasons (Riley and Durant mix)
13. Bennie McLane – Beatbox (Ramses Jair Mix)
14. David Guetta and Chris Willis with Steve Angelo and Sebastian Ingrosso – Everthing we Touch

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NEWSFLASH: Features Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers and More) Features Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers and More)

ForImmediate Release: (Miami, FL) June 11, 2009 features yet another production By blossoming DJ/Remixer/Producer Maximus 3000.
This is now the second Commercial release  in less than a year which lands a spot as a featured on Masterbeat’s newsletter & Homepage (July 2008 saw Megatron feat Michael M “Right on Target (Maximus 3000’s 83′ 08′ Mix)”.
A bona fide sign that there is no stopping this well connected, and innovative producer. Already a trusted peer , colleague, and rising star on the mainstream American Dance music Scene, having contributed to several commercial releases filling the role as A&R, Executive producer and Remixer.

2 projects landing in the top of the charts including #3 (November 2008) India’s “I Can’t Get no Sleep (Chris Costanzo, Jody vukas & Maximus 3000 Collaboration Mix)”, and  #14 (March 2009) for amberRose Marie’s “Wanna Be A DJ (Maximus 3000’s Miami To Ibiza Electro Mix)”. Maximus’ works have even been featured in several charts including R&R Magazines’ # 1 position for record pools in the us, and #2 in DJ Times Magazine national dance chars for several of his mixes.

This time Maximus 3000 Pairs himself with 3 time grammy award winning and 20+ top 10 billboard charting production duo klubjumpers to deliver yet another dimension and side of the producers’ diverse and broad musical backround. Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s  “At Midnight” is slated to take the US , EUROPEAN and GLOBAL charts by storm!

 After Jimmy D. Robinson’s International Smash hits “A Tiny Shoe” and “In the Night” featuring the vocals of World renowned vocalist CEEVOX , He jumps into the fire, with the hits even hotter, conjuring up three more original dance tracks featuring CEEVOX to strike while the iron is hot: ‘At Midnight’, ‘I got This feeling’ , and ‘Lost in you’. Songs taken from the books of poetry ‘Rock the World’ & “Electric Blue” written by songwriter, lyricist, poet Jimmy D Robinson, ‘At Midnight’ ,‘I got this Feeling’ , and ‘Lost in you’ , are next in line to heat up the dance floors of the world. Produced by Jimmy D Robinson, Kinky Roland and Mark Schneider, with an international cast of remixers/producers including Loverush UK (United Kingdom), Jose Velez (NYC, USA), FC Nond (Brazil), Arrena (Sao Paulo), Zur Face (Columbia), Timothy Allan (Australia), DJ Deibys (Uraguay), Klubjumpers (TX, USA), DJ Maximus 3000 (Miami, USA), Kinky Roland (United Kingdom) and many more will convoy the two new songs onto the world music and dance charts.

1. we begin the package with a seductive, chugging, floor filler with Loverrush Digital founders and internationally acclaimed Production Duo Loverrush UK! (Kinky Roland and Mark Loverush), Already dominating dancefloors with their contribution not only to “In the20Night” featuring CEEVOX but other works with Sylvia Tosun, Molly Boncroft, kirsty Hawkshaw and more.

2. Following we have Kinky Roland’s Electro charged techy rendition, sure to heat up the hottests dance floors from UK, To USA.

3. Brazlian Native FC Nond, gives us 2 separate takes on “At Midnight” An aggressive and beautifully balanced set exploring, Tribalectro, Tech, Progressive and latin sounds.

4. Next Miami Based, DJ/Producer and 8025 Alliance Music Group Founder Maximus 3000, teams up with San Antonio based 3 time Grammy Winning and 20+ Time top 10 billboard charting Production Duo Klubjumpers to Produce a Peak Time, Filtered Disco , Funky House Gem. Drawing from Maximus 3000’s Miami Influence and Klubjumpers main stream high profile sound to create the aptly titled “Dreamix”.

5. Finally we round off the package of the First wave of Mixes with Original mix from Jimmy D. Robinson himself along with Mark Shnieder, and Kinky roland to produce a synth, alt-rock, new wave Pop track, the likes of Annie Lennox, Laura Branigan, Madonna, and Prince would be happy to affix their seal of approval on to. Taking CEEVOX’s Vocal Range and Potential to stratospheric he ights, showcasing the singers true talent, coupled with the full poem by Jimmy D. Robinson.

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