PRESS: “Fan Page” Interviews DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

DJ Maximus 3000 grew up in Miami and burst onto the music scene as a deejay, veejay, musician, visual artist and cinematographer. His creativity and talent has definitely left a mark on South Florida. I talked to him about his unique sound and his upcoming releases. Editors note: You can hear Maximus at Living Room Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale on Friday nights and a guest appearance at Exit 66 in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Sheri Elfman: How would you describe your sound?
DJ Maximus 3000: In a word, eclectic. Generally, I play “Good Music.” I use nostalgia as a drug, a good tune you can sing along to always works. But, I play a range of house, classic sounds, filtered disco, electro, and high-energy music in a variety of styles.

SE:  What makes you different than other deejays?
M3000: I want to say that there are a lot of deejays that share my same sensibility and theory that my “job” and “skill” as a deejay and perfection in my craft come from playing for the crowds. I would say that I shy away from a growing trend in deejays that do it for ego or being the center of attention. Nothing gets me off more than moving a crowd and making a connection with my audience. That’s the high I live for and why I am so passionate about dejaying. I give the PEOPLE what they want, while satisfying my own artistic expression in breaking new music seamlessly.

SE: Your favorite party/place to spin at?
M3000: Besides my current residency (shameless plug) at the fabulous groundbreaking “Liquid Fridays” at Living Room Fort Lauderdale, truth is wherever there is a willing and good crowd of people happy and ready to dance – I’m there!

SE: Tell us about your latest release?
M3000: Well, I’ll tell you about several. As I am working like crazy this summer! My very latest was a remix I produced with the three time Grammy winning Klubjumpers for Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox’s second collaborative single “At Midnight,” which is already receiving major press and charting everywhere. I am happy to also announce that I will be co-producing and arranging several upcoming original productions for Jimmy D. Robinson alongside Ceevox, including an electronic/downtempo Ballad ala Acid Jazz. I am also currently working on many remixes and projects for my own record label 8025 Alliance Music Group, including original material with Tania Mashay. My full length solo debut EP is also well under way “Seraphin Eyes,” electronic/house covers of ’80s synth pop, and industrial vocal tracks featuring various vocalists. PHEW! So much more you’ll just have to look out on, itunes etc for all my upcoming releases (another shameless plug).

SE: Your favorite deejay?
M3000: I know this is cliche’ answer but, truth is there are way too many to answer. I enjoy such a wide range of artists and deejays from all over the world. Again, good music is good music.

SE: What’s your guilty pleasure?

M3000: Honestly,  I’m a sucker for “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” I know it’s sort of brainless, but I cant get enough of people tripping on themselves or cute animal videos. I Tivo every episode and repeat. That and chocolate. (*Grabs a Hershey Bar).

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About DJMaximus3000

Alex Ferbeyre aka DJ Maximus 3000 Miami based DJ/Producer/Remixer, Writer/blogger, Record Label Owner, and Experimental Artist. "I am a Dance Music Afficianado First and Foremost and an artist who explores a variety of Mediums. I work in the music industry under various disciplines and skills. From Producer to Promoter to DJ to Remixer to Marketing Director to Radio Host, and Everythign in between. My Largest passion has always been Music and DJing, to which i am happy to say I am living my dream and making a Living from it as well." check out: ||| ||| ||| ||| ||| iTunes Podcasts: ||| Official DJ Maximus 3000 iPhone APP:

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