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PRESS: Gioia Bruno’s “Change the world” DJ Maximus 3000 mix on the Web

Here are some people Supporting “Change the World” by Gioia Bruno, Mixed by DJ Maximus 3000.

PRESS: LA Based Blogger MUZOPHILE Features “Change the World” Gioia Bruno , DJ Maximus 3000 mix

LA Music and Gay pop Culture Blogger Muzophile Features Gioia Bruno’s “Change The World (DJ Maximus 3000’s Freedom Mix)” on his Blog.

Check it out here:–dj-maximus-3000.aspx

NEWS FLASH:Gioia Bruno of Expose, DJ Maximus 3000 & More join creative forces for Obama

For Immediate Release:  October 12, 2008

Gioia Bruno (of Expose’), Andy Fraser (of Free), Musiq Maniacs and DJ Maximus 3000 join creative forces for Obama.

“Miami October 12, 2008 – Gioia Bruno teams up with Andy Fraser to write a song for and inspired by Barack Obama. Bruno Singer, songwriter and producer Best known for being 1/3 of the female super pop/freestyle/dance group Expose’ which had phenomenal success with first seven singles reaching the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, including the 1988 #1 hit “Seasons Change”. Fraser is also famed Bassist and co-founder of the UK Based Rock Group Free, Best known for their hit “All Right Now”, which has been called one of the rock anthems of our century. He has recently been inducted into BMI’s rare 3 million club signifying the number of times the song has been played on radio. With this cross section of talent and fan base the two Writers felt inspired and called upon to use their sphere of influence and reach to add their voices to the growing number of artists, celebrities, public personalities and influential people crying out for a change in the United states this election.

“Change the World”, was created to motivate people to take a stand and to remind them that we all have a voice. The song carries an uplifting positive and happy vibe, a reminder of what golden times this country once had and more importantly holds a mirror up to the face of all the citizens of the United States reminding us of the dark times we are in and what’s to come if we don’t act now!

Miami Based DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 was also approached to contribute to the collaboration. He added an extended more euphoric club mix “speaking the language of his people” as he put it. When asked how and why Maximus got involved with the project he stated: “Well, like most things in the industry I got sent an acapella from a friend and was explained in very brief detail what the song was about and who was involved. It didn’t take too much back and forth before I went full force with my involvement. For one, it’s Gioia Bruno! Secondly the song fit so naturally with where I’m at right now it felt right to get involved. Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate that speaks to me and represents me as an individual, defending me and showing me a glimmer of hope in this country where I STILL don’t have the same rights as my heterosexual brothers and sisters (which is an issue that speaks to me). That boggles my mind and frankly hurts so deeply, it felt like my duty to “take the torch” so to speak on this issue. Turning it down would be turning down a chance to do something significant. Besides Gioia’s lyrics and vocals are mind numbingly addictive!

Whatever your reasons may be to support change, tax relief, bringing our troops home from war, helping with health care and social security, human rights and equality or a desire to be HAPPY in your own country we implore you to VOTE VOTE VOTE this election. We are at the pinnacle of a turning point in history.

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