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ARKETIPO 187 POST: “MAX PIX: Music You May Have Missed The First Time Around (1994-1996)” Written By DJ Maximus 3000

Here’s a new series of articles for the newly designed Arketipo 187. An all new magazine Ill be contributing to. Check out the links or visit the category here on my blog called “Arketipo 187 Column”, Ive migrated some articles from a former magazine .

DJ Maximus 3000’s Max Pix Edition 1:

Orbital “In:Sides” , Tricky “Maxinquaye” and Portishead “Dummy”.



EVENTS: DJ Maximus 3000 "Kraftwerk Tribute party/ ESP live" Electro-a-Go-Go! @ Lounge 16, South Beach, FL 11-19-04

EVENTS: DJ Maximus 3000 "Live Music baby: ESP and Dead Letter post Office" @Electro-a-Go-Go! @ Cheeseburger Baby, South Beach, FL 10-22-04