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NEWSFLASH: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000’s Final Performance @ Living Room Nightclub 11.11.11.

In June of 2008 I was introduced to Mark Lowe & Christian Leonard by my dear friend Elon Ka.

Plans for a revolutionary and visionary nightclub never seen before in South Florida were in the works, and a top secret space was being transformed behind the scenes.

As Teaser ads circulated all over South Florida Media outlets a few months later, speculation on how the brand new nightclub would fare in downtown Fort Lauderdale, a space that had become almost vacant and rarely frequented. Rumors and catcalls swirled throughout the club chatrooms and forums claiming that the club would not last 3 months.

Alot of the nightlife scene had become stagnant in South Florida for both the GLBT/Alternative community as well as the Mainstream markets. People were bored, and were looking for something new.

In September 2008 our Grand opening day was announced: October 17, 2008.

As I geared up for what would promise to be one my most prolific and high profile residencies of my career, the buzz surrounding LIVING ROOM NIGHTCLUB was extraordinary. Our Grand opening Night Broke all expectations and Thousands of eager and curious nightclub aficionados rushed the space for what would be the beginning of an evolution in nightlife like South Florida had never seen.

I can not describe the feeling when we opened our doors and Thousands of people rushed in to see the Gorgeous high art moodscape based space that can only be described as an organic living breathing work of art , The Brainchild of Mark Lowe who up to that point had an amazing carreer as an industrial designer and architect. 

LIVING ROOM NIGHTCLUB faced all odds and delivered. An unstoppable force , we contined to change the scope and raise the bar on a weekly basis, breaking ground over and over again and setting a new standard on what nightclub goers should expect along with an unprecedented level of customer service, top notch entertainment and mindblowing themes.

For 3 years I have held my residency and experienced what a REAL party was all about, Ive met thousands of people, rubbed elbows with a plethora of celebrities and have a bevy of cherished memories that I will take with me for the rest of my days.

I want to thank everyone for their loyalty, support, and patronage on this journey. To all the staff Members, peers, bartenders, barbacks, security, Door personnel, my divas, our VIP hosts, Fellow DJs, Live Singers, promoters and everyone who has ever had a role in making LIVING ROOM NIGHTCLUB the number 1 nightclub in South Florida.

Thank you.

A Special Thank you to Elon and Mark for allowing me to grow creatively and to show the world what I was capable of and growing artistically every step of the way.  

I invite everyone to come out tonight 11-11-11. 11:11:11  to Toast to 3 years of stellar entertainment and memories.

One Door to a LIVING ROOM May Close, but a gateway to an entire HOUSE awaits….More info coming soon!

Alex Ferbeyre pka
DJ Maximus 3000

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 & “Liquid Fridays Presents: Blackout with Brent Everett ” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale, FL 9-30-11


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 & “Liquid Fridays Presents: Native Pride Christian leonard’s Birthday” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale, FL 9-30-11


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 & “Liquid Fridays Presents: Drew Ginsberg of Dallas’ Most Eligible Bravo” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale, FL 9-9-11

@Living_Room EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents London underground w Guest DJ Jalil Z” hosted by Rise Events @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud, FL 8-26-11


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents: London Underground, Guest DJ Jalil Z” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale, FL 8-26-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents guest DJ Daniel Kristopherre bday” @Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud, FL 8-

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents Madonna Birthday Bash” @Living Room Nightclub, FL 8-12-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents: Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade” @ Living Room Nighclub Fort Lauderdale, FL 8-5-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents: Athens the Event Athena Dion’s Birthday” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale FL 7-29-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays & Rise Events presents: Fire Islands Guest DJs Dave and Gerardo” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Lauderdale 7-22-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents RAJA Live” @Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale 7-15-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents: Pride & Groom” @Living Room Nightclub ft lauderdale, 7-8-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents Trueblood 2” @ Living Room Fort Lauderdale, FL 6-24-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents DJ Jalil Z” @ Living Room Nightclub Fort Laud, FL 6-18-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents “The Club” reality show filmed by Viacom″ @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort lauderdale FL 6-10-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents Renee’ Graziano Mob Wives VH1″ @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort lauderdale FL 5-27-11


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents 3rd Annual Silver Party & Mark lowes Bday hosted by Pamela Anderson” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort lauderdale FL 5-20-11


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents Lady Gaga Edge of Glory CD Release” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 5-13-2011


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents guest DJ Drew Tribe” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 5-6-2011


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents Manila Luzon from Rupauls Drag Race” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 4-29-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents Yara Sofia from Rupauls Drag Race” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 4-22-2011


EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents Yara Sofia from Rupauls Drag Race” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 4-8-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale FL, 3-25-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents: Raja from Ru Paul’s Drag Race” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Lauderdale FL 3-18-2011

EVENTS: WMC DJ/ PRoducer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays Presents: CRYSTAL WATERS Live” @ Living Room Fort Lauderdale, FL 3-11-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Liquid Fridays presents: ISIS from America’s top model” @ Living Room Fort Lauderdale , 3-4-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Lady Gaga born this way Featuring impersonator Alondra Garibay” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL 2-18-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “2nd Annual Fuck Cupid Ball” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud, FL 2-11-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “ABC (Anything but clothes)” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud 2-4-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “GLEE” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud 1-28-2011

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Hold it against me: Derrick Barry Live” @ Living Room Nightclub , Fort Laud FL, 1-21-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “KAMA SUTRA: THE EVENT” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud FL 1-14-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Jersey Shore Uncensored” Celeb Appearance @ Living Room Fort Lauderdale, FL 1-7-11

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “TRON 3011: A Future Fashion Event” New Years Eve 2011 @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale FL 12-31-10

EVENTS: DJ/Maximus 3000 “Christmas Eve Party” @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud Fl 12-24-10

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Red Party AIDS awareness @ Living Room Nightclub, FL 12-3-10

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Asia The Event” Guest DJs Dave and Gerardo @ Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud, FL

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Pajamarama” Event and Featuring M’Dela Live @Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud, FL

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “2 Year Anniversary Event: 7 Deadly Sins” featuring Juniour Vasquez + more @Living Room Nightclub, Fort Laud, FL

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Got Kiss?” Event @ Living Room Nightclub Fort Laud, FL

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Party Monster” Presenting The Runway Collection of Iconic Designer, Richie Rich @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Special DJ Event & Christian’s Birthday Bash” Guest DJ/Producer Patrick M @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Feeling Naughty” @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “A Night At The Roxbury” 90’s Theme Party @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Fluorescence” @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

EVENTS: DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 “Luminescence” @ LivingRoom NightClub, Ft Laud

PRESS:”TO THE MAX: DJ Maximus 3000 Spins us Round” HotSpots Magazine Interviews DJ/Produce Maximus 3000

Born and raised in Miami, DJ Maximus 3000 has become more than a local star the past few years. The friendly DJ, who is influenced by his Cuban/French/Italian and Spanish background, has gained nationwide recognition. Hotspots Magazine caught up with him to find out what makes him tick and to see what we should expect next from this talent.

When did you decide to become a DJ?

djmax30002When I was 15, while attending art college for a Visual Arts Degree, I started to experiment with music and DJing. I was always intrigued by the dichotomy of music and visual arts and how they can go hand in hand. In fact, some of my first gigs were experimental art exhibits and installations providing a soundtrack for whole shows. Eventually I thought this was an awesome way of having fun, expressing myself and also making a bit of extra money. By 17 I had a full-fledged mobile DJ company doing all sorts of events for every type of client imaginable, and by 19 I had several residencies ranging from Goth nights to several break beats/house underground parties. It’s been an uphill trajectory ever since. I’m constantly evolving and growing.

What DJs do you like?

I know this is a cliché answer but, truth is, there are way too many to answer. I enjoy such a wide range of artists and DJ from all over the world. Again, good music is good music. There are so many avenues to discover new music nowadays; I literally find new favorites on a daily rate.

Who are your influences?

I would say recording artists such as Daft Punk, Bjork, Orbital, The Blue Man Group and Underworld really influenced how I present myself when I’m performing. They just do their own thing and really do more performance art, something that has always appealed to me. When it comes to my productions, I have to say that a very wide range of music influences who I am and where I draw my inspiration.

djmax30003How would you describe your style?

In a word: eclectic. Generally, I play good music. I use nostalgia as a drug, a good tune you can sing along to always works. But, I play a range of house, classic sounds, filtered disco, electro, and high-energy music in a variety of styles. My two year residency at Living Room Nightclub has allowed me to dive deep into the mash-up/performance VJ culture, really culminating all the mediums I have worked with in the past. I have now launched a whole new skill set in my repertoire which allows me to combine almost any piece of music and visual archive into a high-energy audio/visual party collage. Come see me at Living Room!

What makes you different from other DJs?

I want to say that there are a lot of DJs that share my same sensibility and theory that my job and skill as a DJ and perfection in my craft come from playing for the crowds. I would say that I shy away from a growing trend in DJs that do it for ego or being the center of attention. Nothing gets me off more than moving a crowd and making a connection with my audience. That’s the high I live for and why I am so passionate about DJing. I give the people what they want, while satisfying my own artistic expression in breaking new music seamlessly.

What is something about you that would surprise your fans?

A lot of people would find it very surprising to know that I’m blind in one eye and half deaf in one ear. I was born this way. Although I am medically handicapped, I’ve never considered myself so. In fact, whenever my handicap has gotten in the way I just try harder. This year, thanks to the new advances in 3D technology, I was able to see 3D for the first time, Thank god I went with IMAX and Avatar – talk about epic!

djmax30004What was your craziest DJ story?

I have so many, but we’ll just keep those to ourselves! Really I can write a book! But I’d have to say there were a few weekends were I had eight gigs in one weekend, and six in another! That was crazy to say the least! But I love a challenge!

What was your favorite party to spin at?

Besides my current residency (shameless plug) at the fabulous groundbreaking Liquid Fridays at Living Room in Fort Lauderdale, truth is wherever there is a willing and good crowd of people happy and ready to dance – I’m there!

Where can people come see you spin?

I spin both Fridays for Liquid Fridays and Sho Saturdays at Living Room Nightclub, Wednesdays at Twist with a very special launch in October of a whole new concept in audio/visual/audience interaction (can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag on that one). I also have tons of special events lined up for October and November including a cancer benefit and some launch parties. Next year is already looking amazing as I have been confirmed for special events during NYC Gay Pride, WMC, Miami Beach Gay Pride and several guest spots throughout the U.S. including L.A., Georgia, New York and several spots in Florida. You can really keep up to date by following my Twitter at or my website at; you can also check out my daily shows at PNN Radio at, soon to be a TV series! Shhh.

Lastly, can we also get a Top 5 from you?

1. Flo Rida feat David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me (DJs from Mars Bootleg)

2. Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg VS Van Halen – California Gurls (DJs from Mars Remix)

3. Drake – Over (J Felix Remix)

4. Aquagen Vs. Lil’ Jon – Put your F*cking Hands Up (Blade)(Samwise Edit)

5. Tiesto – Louder than Boom (Bart B More Mix)

NEWSLETTER: SUMMER NEWS: “At Midnight” Hits Radio | Stonewall | Mansion NYC| SWISH Gay Pride NYC | New Releases and MORE!

SUMMER IS HERE! and there is so much news and developments coming through so quickly theres lots coming from DJ Maximus 3000, Tania Mashay, 8025 Alliance Music Group and MORE! 


Jimmy D. Robinson feat Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers , FC Nond and More) Hits US FM & Satellite Radio Airplay in Heavy Rotation:


After hitting the ground running with a feature on’s Homepage, and newsletter and debuting on Billboards Breakouts at Number 1, Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” receives heavy DJ support and Airplay on international Terrestrial, Satellite and Radio Play globally! with Early Support by Many  international tastemakers.

Added to the following FM Terrestrial , Satellite, and Internet stations and Mixshow Rotation:

Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Maximus 3000, FC Nond, Kinky Rowland, LoverRush UK!, and Jimmy D. Robinson.

#1 Billboard Breakouts.
#1 Music Week Dance Charts UK
#36 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts (current)
Featured Release on

Currently Playing on:

93.3 in SAN DIEGO, CA
91.7 in Wilmington, DE
Music Choice
Pulse 87.7 New York
WXKS Kiss 108 FM Boston, MA
The Beat, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 36, New York, NY
KXRG Energy 101.1 FM, Honolulu, HI
WMPH, Super 91.7 FM, Wimington, DE
WBZC, Z88.9 FM, Philadelphia, PA:, St Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY
+ MANY MANY MORE! Features Tania Mashay’s Debut Single “Can’t Stop Movin’ ” on its featured releases and Spotlight pages on its home page.


New York Based Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tania Mashay’s Debut single hits the ground running by receiving a featured spot on’s homepage. Signed to 8025 Alliance Music Group, Tania has teamed up with DJ Maximus 3000 on an upcoming summer tour, starting with  several recent WMC event appearances as a headliner, and Most recently Her performance at New York’s Exclusive M2 Ultra Lounge ( Mansion New York), Ms. Mashay has been garnering Industry nods as a new Artist to be watched. Already receiving major Support from some of the globes most widely recognized Tastemakers, its no wonder Her debut single has been receiving so much attention! MUCH MUCH More info on upcoming releases and projects from Tania Mashay coming soon!
Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1” OUT NOW!

Click Here to Buy:

Also featured alongside recently signed  Sanctum Records Artists (8025 Alliance Music Group Sub-Label)  (*More info on Sanctum Records Below under “OTHER NEWS”.)


Popular Blogger “Boy About Town” alongside Drag Diva Mysty Eyez Interview DJ Maximus 3000 on his upcoming weekly column contribution on during Wilton Manors Stonewall Street festival Expo At Justin Reed Early’s Book signing at OUT on wilton drive Sunday June 21st 2009:


Sunday June 21st in Wilton manors (Fort Lauderdale) for 40th anniversary Stonewall celebration parade and expo, at “OUT” gift shop and bookstore a special book Signing of critically acclaimed author of “Streetchild” Justin Reed Early took place. “Boy about Town” Blogger and Drag Diva Mysty Eyez were on hand filming an exclusive interview for, of Mr. Early. They  also conducted a teaser Introduction interview with DJ Maximus 3000 on his upcoming column contribution featuring Top 20 Music Charts, Album reviews, Remix reviews and more. has reached a whopping 19 million hits on a monthly hits with its diverse crosssection of informative articles, advice columns, real estate trends and financial news.

Check out Photos Here:


internationally respected Author, Writer and columnist Mark Thomspson of and contributor Spotlights DJ Maximus 3000 & his recent production for Jimmy D. Robinson & Ceevox “At Midnight”:


Eloquent and Circuit connoisseur  Mark Thompson lends his magic quill to a fantastic and poignant review to DJ Maximus 3000’s remix collaboration with Klubjumpers of Jimmy D. Robinson’s “At Midnight” on . *Long-term New Yorkers, Mark and Robert have also lived in San Francisco, Boston, D.C., Miami Beach and the south of France. With a PhD in American history and literature, Mark is the author of the novels WOLFCHILD and MY HAWAIIAN PENTHOUSE. Robert is the producer of the documentary WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. Their work has appeared in numerous publications.

Read syndicated article here  

Record Pool Director and All around Super Star (we think he is!) Ronnie “Captain Kirk” Mathews of Starfleet Record Pool Reviews 8025 Alliance Music Group Recording Artist Tania Mashay’s Debut Single “Can’t Stop Movin’: The Remixes Part 1”:

Long time Record pool Music director, and Music Veteran reviews Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1” . As Tania Mashay Takes the Record pool circuit by storm, we want to thank all the DJs , Mixshow Jocks, and Radio Supervisors in advance for all their Help. 

Read Review Here:  

WATCH OUT for Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ ”  Parts 1 and 2 available exclusively on , featuring mixes by Klubjumpers, Christian Scott, Jorge Ojeda, George Carrasco, Exit 59, Mark VDH, Sean McMahon, Mitch Orlando, Ryan Morales, Ed Whitty, Vocal Therapy, Ace K and MANY More!

South Florida based Mag 411 and Mega GLBT Nightlife and entertainment portal conduct interview with DJ Maximus 3000 and Features him on Frontpage:

Recently Sheri Elfman Chief Editor of 411 Magazine in South florida sat down and conducted a one on one Feature with DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 about his likes, Current residency @ Living Room Nightclub and his upcoming projects.

Read Interview Here:


Arubian Based Independent Dance Record Label Sanctum Records Signs with 8025 Alliance Music Group for Distribution and Artist development Check them out here, More info Soon!:
DJ Maximus 3000’s Podcast on the internationally recognized social-network-esque reaches top 50 June 16, June 23, and July 3 2009 as a mover and Shaker:  

South Florida GLBT nightlife portal features DJ Maximus 3000’s Podcast “Summer Sessions” on its extensive list of “Must download” DJ Downloads:  

UK Based Producer Paul James Licenses several projects to 8025 Alliance Music Group for North American Distribution and Promotion , Including “Radio Active Love”  Featuring the Original Lyrics and Vocals of Disco/High Energy DIVA Carol Jiani. More on that VERY Soon!:

Upscale Elite Celebrity Salon XAC Anthony salon and Spa signs on to sponsor Recording Artist Tania Mashay as her exclusive Hair and Makeup Stylists for the Performers Live shows. Check out their site here:

DJ Maximus 3000 Signs Deal with Jimmy D. Robinson to Co-produce  his Next two singles as original composer and producer alongside Ceevox “I Got this Feeling” & “Lost in You”.  



FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009: Tania Mashay Record Release Party, Birthday Bash and Live Performance @ M2 Ultra Lounge NYC (Mansion). New York, NY
FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009: Living Room Nightclub Presents: CIRCUS. A Themed Event. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009: Splash Exit 66 (Crobar Fort Lauderdale) Presents Maximus 3000. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009: Tania Mashay Performs on S.W.I.S.H. Float during NYC’s Gay Pride Parade and street festival.
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009:  The MIXX NYC Presents Gay Pride After Party with Live performance by Tania Mashay. New York, NY
FRIDAY JULY 3, 2009: Living Room Nightclub Presents: Independence. A Themed Event. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JULY 5, 2009: Queenex @ Bancroft Supperclub Presents DJ Maximus 3000. Tania Mashay Record Release Party. South Beach , FL
WEDNESDAY JULY 8, 2009:  Rewind @ The Ritz With Special Performance by Tania Mashay. New York, NY
WEDNESDAY JULY 22, 2009:  Special weekly event/tba. South Beach , FL
SATURDAY AUGUST 8, 2009:  Special Weekly event “LIFE”. More Details Coming soon. South Beach FL.


 Dont forget to Catch DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 each and Every friday at Living Room Nightclub Fort Lauderdale for “Liquid Fridays”:  
FRIDAY JULY 10, 2009  Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009 Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 24, 2009 Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009  Liquid Fridays @ Living Room

A) Tania Mashay – “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1”. Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Exit 59, George Carrasco, Jorge Ojeda & Christian Scott.  Official Selection on
Buy @ :

B, C, D)  Matias  Larossa “Resident Murder”, Phunktastike “Analog Afterlife”, Beat Syndrome “Distance Monograph” EPOfficial Selections on
Buy @  :

 E) Jimmy D. Robinson Presents Ceevox – “At Midnight”. Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Maximus 3000, Jimmy D. Robinson, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Rowland, FC Nond. Official Selection on & #1 Billboard breakout charts.
Buy @ :

F) amberRose Marie – “Wanna Be A DJ” Featuring Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, MDeep, John Rizzo, Von Cronkite, Albert Castillo, Josh Harris, MDeep, Dave Fairman, and Giuseppe D. Peaked at #14 Billboard’s Hot Club Play Charts.
Buy @ :

G) India – “Can’t Get No Sleep ’08: The Remixes”. Featuring Mixes by Da Freeks, Chris Costanzo, Jody Vukas, Maximus 3000, Klubjumpers, Stereo Martini. Peaked #3 Billboard’s Hot Club Play Charts Official Selection on, #2 DJ times Magazine Club Charts, #1 R&M Music Charts Record Pools Charts.
Buy @ iTunes :  Can’t Get No Sleep ’08 – The Remixes – EP, India

H) Michael M – “Let ya Have it/Motivation: 2009 Mixes”. Featuring Mixes by Paulo, Dena Cucci, Maximus 3000, Guido Osario . Official Selection on
Buy @ :

I) Megatron feat. Michael M – “RIght on Target”. Featuring Mixes by Mitch Orlando, Giuseppe D., Maximus 3000. Official Selection on  
Buy @ :

J) Christian Scott – “Vol 7: Ease My Trouble”. Featuring MIxes by Christian Scott, Chris Salmon, and Maximus 3000.  
Buy @ :

NEWSLETTER: Tania Mashay ADVANCE PROMO | DJ Maximus 3000 WMC Lineup


Any Charting , Interview Requests, DJ Drops, Press Inquiries and/or Licensing information please contact:
About Tania Mashay:
In a time and era where change is finally good, Tania Mashay is very much a unique individual. Born and raised in a small town in New Jersey, she began blossoming her creative talent at a very early age. in to her early teens she was already an Amazing lyricist with vocal range and control and also co-producing her own experimental tracks. Her style would be considered soulful with a rock edge. She considers Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Annie Lennox, Cindi Lauper, Ciara, Patti Labelle, U2,INXS, ACDC, Shaka Kahn, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Rachelle Farelle, to be Influences in her life. All contributed to motivating at a young age to showcase her singing and dancing abilities.

After college she made a very serious and life changing move to New York City to push and fulfill her growing passion and deep love for entertaining. While living in the city that never sleeps, she developed a very serious love for HOUSE music, a favored side effect of frequenting and becoming a staple in the New York Club scene, filling a range of roles as an entertainer From dancer to Host to party goer and scenester.

The energy in the music and the creative style dance music allowed her to be free to express her self in a wide range of temperatures and self realizing expressions. Since the inception and release of her debut “Can’t Stop Movin” (An homage to her experiences on the dancefloor and club scene) she has been performing at nightclubs throughout NYC, Miami, Boston and Europe , A welcomed offer by her piers and fellow nightlife impresarios, from DJs and Producers to Party promoters alike.

She has since developed and furthered her creative drive in the world of HOUSE. trenching her way into techhouse, euro house, funky house and Electro house excursions. This Variety and flexibility in her vocal range and adaptive ness has garnered her invites and requests to both collaborate and be featured on other artists tracks and remixing of her own singles by a plethora of world class DJ/Producers.

Tania Is Currently signed to Miami based Dance Music Label 8025 Alliance. Working with Miami’s BillBoard/Charting DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 on a series of vocal tracks set to be released in the coming months.


Tania Mashay & DJ Maximus 3000 Join Winter Music Conference Leg, Along with 8025 Alliance Music Group’s Winter Showcases and Concert Series:

Tuesday March 24, 2009: Twilight @ Metropolis “Michael M & Friends”

Thursday March 26, 2009: Palace Ocean Drive “The Golden Flower”

Friday March 27, 2009: Temple Ultra Lounge “Safire Exotique Tour” MIAMI

Friday March 27, 2009: Living Room Nightclub “Liquid Fridays” FORT LAUDERDALE

Saturday March 28, 2009: Temple Ultra Lounge “8th ANNUAL TAI SHAN BALL”

PODCAST POST: DJ Maximus 3000 Presents the “Living Room Sessions” 2 sets over 5 Hours of nonstop mixes FREE


DJ Maximus 3000’s Podomatic Link:

DJ Maximus 3000’s iTunes Podcast Feed:

Celebrating the Music Of “Liquid Fridays” At one of the South East US’s most beautiful , Prestigious and Successful venues LIVING ROOM NIGHTCLUB, Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Resident DJ Maximus 3000 Plays to the Masses of about 1500 – 3000 Club Goers on a weekly basis since the Hotspots grand opening.

Enjoy these Two Themed Mix Sets. FIRE and ICE. Inspired by the Ethereal and hollistic decor of the Clubs 5 Areas of Lounge and Dance space. The 2 Set 6 Hour megamix Comes in two flavors.

FIRE heats it up with the cutting edge remixes of todays Hitmakers, Beat to Beat non-stop.

ICE brings us a chilling barrage of music exploring every genre of dance during DJ Maximus 3000s Mashup/Indie/Dance/Electro Sets, From Hip Hop, 80’s, Synthpop, Rock , and Classic dance.

FIRE MIX, P1 Track-listing:

1. Britney Spears – Womanizer (Booth Pimps Mix)
2. Lady Gaga – Pokerface (Dave Aude’ Mix)
3. Pink – So What! (Bimbo Jones Mix)
4. Snoop Dogg – Sexual Seduction (Wideboys Mix)
5. ne-Yo – Closer (Stonebridge Mix)
6. Jhon Legend feat. Andre 3000 – Greenlight (Karmatronic Mix)
7. Jimmy D. Robinson Presents Ceevox – In the Night (Kinky Roland Mix)
8. Lindsay Lohan – Bossy (Mike Rizzo Generation Funk Club Mix)
9. Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin’ Better (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
10. Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown – No Air (Benny Bennasi Pumpkin Mix)
11. Beyonce – Single Ladies (Dave Aude’ Club Mix)
12. Solange – I Decided (Freemasons Mix)
13. Rihanna – Umbrella (Jody Den Broeder Deconstruction mix)

FIRE MIX, P2 Track-listing:

1. Rihanna – Umbrella (Jody Den Broeder Deconstruction mix)
2. Beyonce – If I were a Boy (Karmatronic Mix)
3. Tania Mashay – Can’t Stop Movin’ (Klubjumpers Club Mix)
4. Katy Perry – I kissed A Girl (Mixin Marc & DJ Bam Bam Mix)
5. Michael M – Let Ya Have it (The KlubJumpers Mix)
6. Kreesha Turner – Dont Call me Baby (Digital Dog Mix)
7. Lady Gaga feat Colby O’Donis – Just Dance (Tony Azardon Mix)
8. Cascada – What hurts the Most (Spencer and Hill Mix)
9. Jes – My Imagination (Kaskade Mix)
10. Work Copia – 75 Brazil Street (Vocal Mix)
11. Mobin Master – Show Me Love
12. Shylove – Gotta Love for you
13. Lucas Prata feat George Lamond – Something about You (Club Mix)
14. Pussy Cat Dolls – When i grow Up (Dave Aude’ Mix)
15. Shape:UK – Lola’s Theme 08
16. ElectroVamp – Drinks taste better when theyre free (Bimbo Jones Mix)
17. The Ting Tings – Shut up and Let me Go (Jhonny Vicious Mix)
18. Cindy Lauper – into the Nightlife (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
19. Vanessa Conde – Falling Into Love (Luis Beyra mix)

ICE MIX, P1 Track-listing:

1. Britney Spears – Circus
2. Kelis vs Madonna – Milkshake Holiday
3. Timbaland feat. Keri Doe – The way I are
4. Pink feat Redman – Get the party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix)
5. Estelle feat Kanye West – American Boy
6. Lady Gaga feat Colby O’Donis – Just Dance
7. Lindsay Lohan – Bossy
8. Gwen Stefani – Holla Back Girl (Diplo Mashup)
9. Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff
10. Miley Cirus – See you again (DJ React remix)
11. Nelly Furtado – Say it Right (Bad Boy Bill Bass mix)
12. Kanye West – Love Lockdown (LMFAO remix)
13. LMFAO, David Ross, Kevin Rudolf & Pitbull – Shooting Star (Party Rock Mix)
14. JUSTICE – DANCE (Ed Banger Mix)
15. Sneaky Sound System – Pictures
16. Fergie – Glamourous
17. Flo Rida – Right Round
18. Will.I.Am & Fergie feat Flo Rida – In the Ayer
19. Fergie – Fergilicous
20. Debbie Deb – When I hear Music
21. Freestyle – The Party Has Just Begun
22. Avenue D. – Do I Look Like a Slut
23. Giggles – Boom I got your Boy Friend
24. JJ Fad – Supersonic
25. Jhon Legend Feat Andre 3000 – Green Light (MSTRKRFT Mix)
26. Katy Perry – Hot n Cold (LMFAO remix)
27. Benny Benasi vs 50 Cent – Satisfaction in the club
28. Tania Mashay – Can’t Stop Movin (George Carrasco Dub)
29. Fredde Le Grand vs Ida Coor – Let Me Think about it
30. Kevin Rudolf feat Lil Wayne – Let it Rock
31. Christina feat Redman – Dirty (Diana Ross remix)
32. Faith Hill vs Crooklyn Clan – Be Faithfull
33. Missy Elliott vs Girl Talk – Mashup
34. 112 – Dance With Me
35. Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up

ICE MIX, P2 Track-listing:

1. Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up
2. Rob Base – It Takes 2
3. Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina
4. Madonna – Into the Groove
5. Shannon – Let the Music Play
6. Pink – So What!
7. Missy Elliott vs ACDC – Get Your Freak on Back in black
8. Snoop Dogg vs Guns n Roses – Paradise City Drop It like its Hott
9. Outkast vs Queen – Hey Ya we will rock you
10. Beyonce feat Jay Z – Crazy in Love
11. Notorious BIG – Hypnotizing
12. PunJabi MC feat Jay Z – Beware of the boys
13. Sean Paul vs Crooklyn clan – Get Busy Mashup
14. Stereo Mc’s – Connected
15. House of Pain – Jump around
16. Jasmine – I bust the windows out your Car (remix)
17. Young MC – Bust a Move
18. Nirvana vs Michael Jackson – Bille Jean smells like teen Spirit
19. LadyTron – Seventeen
20. Miss Kitten – Frank Sinatra
21. Waldorf – Your My Disco
22. Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam remix)
23. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Dave Aude’ Edit)
24.  LMFAO – im in Miami Bitch
25. Robin S – Show Me Love
26. Teena Marie – Lovergirl
27. Deee-lite – Groove is in the heart
28.  Madonna – Vogue
29. Inner City – Good Life (Steve Silk Hurley Mix)
30. Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch feat. Loleatta Halloway – Good Vibrations
31. Tones on Tail – Go!
32. Aha – Take on Me
33. WIT – Just what i needed.
34. Beyonce – Single Ladies

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