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PRESS: The Pink Interviews DJ Maximus 3000

On August 1, 2009 closed its doors, In July of 2009 They Featured DJ Maximus 3000 on the home page as DJ of the month and Conducted this full length interview. It is here in its entirety , Enjoy.


DJ Maximus 3000 is not only the resident DJ at Living Room Nightclub in Ft.Lauderdale, but a well-spoken, multi-talented intellectual breath of fresh air! With a great outlook on life and music, Alex Maximus Ferbeyre “Max” (for short) has an intense work ethic that covers everything from resident DJ/producer, his own record label and several BillBoard chart-topping releases, and a full length cd “Seraphim Eyes” in the works! sat down for an exclusive interview with “Max” to capture his non-stop awesome personality and projects in the making. DJ Maximus 3000 is on his way to becoming one of the few superstar DJs famed for all around music success. With a personality and work ethic like his, “Max” indeed holds the key for sucess in the music industry today!! Stay updated and tuned in for more on DJ Maximus3000 with and be sure to check out’s exclusive interview with DJ Maximus 3000 below!

PL – You are quite talented for such a young Entrepenuer/DJ and have also been getting alot of recognition for your mixes. How old are you, are you single and how long have you been professionally playing?

MAXIMUS – Well, relatively 29 going on 18 going on 40. if that makes sense, I feel young at heart and Joyfull in all my endeavors , however i feel ive been blessed by god with a intuitive knack for working in the music industry, on many levels. I am flattered when people I consider my mentors/idols recognize that i can keep=2 0up with this business as if ive been at it for 20+ years. Although, realistically ive studied music almost my entire life, reading liner notes and CD jackets was my favorite part of buying a new record. I officially Started at 15 as a mobile DJ, by 17 Had my own mobile company with several corporate and private clients. I naturally progressed to club Djing around 20 years old, its been a steady uphill trajectory since then.

PL – Recently in the past year, 3 of your mixes have made BillBoard’s Top Lists…Are you working on producing new music or perhaps producing a full cd anytime in the near future?

MAXIMUS – First of all Thank you Very Much for recognizing those accomplishments. Im still pinching myself b elieve me. I am very very busy as a matter of fact working on Several projects. My very latest was a remix I produced with the 3 time grammy winning Klubjumpers for Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox’s second collaborative single “At Midnight” already receiving Major press and charting everywhere. I am happy to also announce that i will be co-producing and arranging several upcoming Original productions for Jimmy D. Robinson alongside Ceevox , including an electronic/downtempo Ballad ala Acid Jazz, which im very excited to work on as it will showcase a bit more of my range as a producer. I am also currently working on many remixes and projects for my own record label 8025 Alliance Music Group, including Original Material with Tania Mashay, Paul James, Carol Jiani, Josh Riptide and much more. Also been working with Reed McGowan and Zhana Saunders, Jacinta, Lauren Hildebrandt, and Howard Tonkin to name a few as far as remixes go.

My Full Length Solo Debut EP is also well under way “Seraphin Eyes” , electronic/house covers of 80’s synth pop, and industrial vocal tracks featuring various Vocalists w hom ive worked with in the past and who are personal freinds of mine. im looking very much to releasing those as each single will have a set of amazing remixes attached sort of like a collectors thing. As Daft Punk did with their Discovery CD. There alot more, This summer is all about My productions!

PL – If you can choose a “Dream DJ” to play/produce with, who would it be and where? And a “Dream Artist”?

MAXIMUS – Well This would be a hard thing to answer cause im always excited to pl ay with everyone! i love tag teaming and putting together showcases of multiple DJs. I can tell you That i would love to take part in Showcase of some of my idols doing live sets performances sort of like a newschool meets oldschool showcase, Like a showcase/multimedia live performance with Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Arthur Baker, Jellybean, Little Louie Vega, Ben Liebrand, Vince Clarke etc. That would be a KILLER showcase! And I must say, I would LOVE to work with Bjork! wow. However, Madonna, Grace Jones, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue id love to work with all these people.

PL – How do you see your style changing…is there a particular sound you are aiming to capture or do you like the diverse sounds/styles of house/progressive/electro-funk? How do you describe your current playlists?

MAXIMUS – Well Quite honestly , the common thread amongst all my sets is Definitely Nostalgia and vocal pop tracks. Im a big fan of being to sing along while you dance! That being said, My DJ “Style” is constantly evolving. each evolution and assimilation of a new style of music fuses with my past likes and preferences. When i first started i LOVED filtered disco, fluffy Ibiza Euro funky House, Lately Electro House has been my cup of tea. but the Truth is I play DANCE MUSIC, doesn’t quite matter the style. I like to believe I can play to almost any crowd, I can work up an open format room as i do at my residency at Living Room’s Liquid Fridays and i can do a Deep Driving Set for an Afterhours. which ive done both and everything in between. I attribute this to years of Djing in Multiple Venues and crowds of people.

PL – What are your plans for the second half20of 2009 and how do you envision your next 3 years in music?

MAXIMUS – Well, Tour Dates in multiple Cities are lining up as I will be touring with Tania Mashay and Other of My fellow artists showcasing our current releases. so Im looking forward to building friendships and new fans in other cities. including some out of the country locations, Japan WATCH OUT! Like I said Above , lots of productions lined up.

Music I believe is going to take a turn more and more to the internet, even more than it has already. Live webcasts, streaming concerts, things of that nature will soon be a normal thing. and instead of Merchandise tables at concert halls, people can click and buy mp3s from their desktop during a streaming concert. Im almost sure of it.

PL – You currently wear many hats in the music industry. Do you foresee yourself taking on more of an executive/managment-type position or more in the spotlight keeping up all those great mixes we hear from DJ Maximus 3000?

MAXIMUS – Truth Is, I wear Many hats because i have a multifaceted personality. Some call it ADD, but I call it being a multitasker ha ha. I like to have hands on interaction with all the media and materials that come out from my label, my websites, my artists websites etc.. Its very common for independent artists to do and wear many hats. I quite enjoy it, I had a background in Visual Art before i Decided to go into the music industry so its sort of two sides of the same coin. I would admit that I foresee expanding my brands as , that has always been a widespread goal for me, I admire people such as Tracy Young, Brett Henrichson, Mark Knight, Dirty South, Eric Prydez, Axwell etc whom have all expanded their brands not only as DJ/producer but Succesfull Record Label Owners, and Event Producers . But, Performing and creating music has always been and always will be at the core of my drive for being in the music industry as a whole.

PL – What does the 3000 stand for?

MAXIMUS – Its a hats off to the future, forever fleeting and forever in our control. its my mantra and constant reminder to look towards to the future and keep being a foward thinking individual to shape and effect the future and the world around me.

PL – If you could pick one of the many talents you have or have achieved in music so far, what is the one you love to do the most and if besides DJing, will you be focusing of that in the near future?

MAXIMUS – Well I have very much made up my mind to continue to pursue my music production, Not only as a Dance music remixer, but exploring many genres and working with people across the globe. I have expanded my horizons so much because of my music involvement i count it as a blessing to=2 0have been able to work with producers and artists from all over the world and soak in their cultures , the world does become so small and attainable all within your reach. Thats a good feeling and will be at the epicenter of my drive and focus along with my DJing career.

PL – As a DJ or guru in the music industry…How have you been affected by the recession of our economy? Are you available for hire? DJ gigs? Are you also available for hire in your other areas of talent such as VJ, cinematography and record label…8025 Alliance Music Group?

MAXIMUS – Well The recession has very much affected ALL of us in every industry. I am very confortable, Thank god, with my income a s this is what i do for a living. I most certainly am available for contract as I am always looking for new venues and places to expand my horizon at. As far as my other areas of artist exploration I would say that they are less of way for me to make money and more of a way to expand my artistic pallet. I would love to explore acting, or Co-Directing more Music Videos and/or Independent movies, become a music supervisor at a production studio, or producing an Audio/visual showcase art installation (something im already working on for the near future), and of course im always looking for new material to remix and/produce.

As Far as my label Goes, i apply all my expieriences as DJ to working with my artists and other musicians to help promote them properly. We are currently taking Submissions for distribution, licensing, production and Promotion as my catalog is growing quite vastly and our distribution hub is growing as well. I pride myself in saying we know how to cut through an over saturated market , as i have made great contacts in my field to facilitate those promotions.

PL – What does the future hold for DJ Maximus 3000 and in your own words, is there anything you would like to add or announce or have us include in this interview?

MAXIMUS – Thanks for asking. as i mentioned before I am expanding my brands in many areas. for one I want to officially announce that i have been Approached by Billboard Magazine as an Official Billboard Reporting DJ, joining a very privileged number of National DJs (im very flatterd to have been considered and look forward to supplying a top 10 to everyone out there on a weekly basis)

I have also been asked to join a very predominant and popular blogger site as an in house music expert and music reviewer, joining a cast of 7 other columnists in a variety of fields. and Supplying Weekly podcasts and reviews.

As the Crew at the Pink life Knows i have also been involved in running an internet Radio station on , as i have done on several occasions. I am in close development in Launching another Internet radio station featuring Top Notch DJs and Music Specialty shows.

On another Note, I have been working on a side project which i wont say to much about at this point other than it is a live Audio/Visual high octane show as my evil Doppleganger and Alter Ego. A Very Dark and Intense mind blowing experience which i hope to unveil in the Winter of this year, just in time for “Seraphim Eyes” release.

and who knows what else may present its self, all i can say to everyone out there. KEEP A CLOSE EYE on, and remember you can always subscribe and review my specialty podcasts on iTunes.

Want to thank the Crew at for choosing me as July’s Featured DJ. I look forward to working you guys in the future for several things!

======================================================== would like to thank DJ Maximus 3000 for his time and exclusive interview. “You truly are a pleasure to know and we are happy to keep your fans updated with all your new and upcoming works in progress! We wish you the best of luck always and continued success on your journey of music and sound and extend our support to your music career”!

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Best Regards,

NEWSFLASH: Features Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers and More) Features Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers and More)

ForImmediate Release: (Miami, FL) June 11, 2009 features yet another production By blossoming DJ/Remixer/Producer Maximus 3000.
This is now the second Commercial release  in less than a year which lands a spot as a featured on Masterbeat’s newsletter & Homepage (July 2008 saw Megatron feat Michael M “Right on Target (Maximus 3000’s 83′ 08′ Mix)”.
A bona fide sign that there is no stopping this well connected, and innovative producer. Already a trusted peer , colleague, and rising star on the mainstream American Dance music Scene, having contributed to several commercial releases filling the role as A&R, Executive producer and Remixer.

2 projects landing in the top of the charts including #3 (November 2008) India’s “I Can’t Get no Sleep (Chris Costanzo, Jody vukas & Maximus 3000 Collaboration Mix)”, and  #14 (March 2009) for amberRose Marie’s “Wanna Be A DJ (Maximus 3000’s Miami To Ibiza Electro Mix)”. Maximus’ works have even been featured in several charts including R&R Magazines’ # 1 position for record pools in the us, and #2 in DJ Times Magazine national dance chars for several of his mixes.

This time Maximus 3000 Pairs himself with 3 time grammy award winning and 20+ top 10 billboard charting production duo klubjumpers to deliver yet another dimension and side of the producers’ diverse and broad musical backround. Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s  “At Midnight” is slated to take the US , EUROPEAN and GLOBAL charts by storm!

 After Jimmy D. Robinson’s International Smash hits “A Tiny Shoe” and “In the Night” featuring the vocals of World renowned vocalist CEEVOX , He jumps into the fire, with the hits even hotter, conjuring up three more original dance tracks featuring CEEVOX to strike while the iron is hot: ‘At Midnight’, ‘I got This feeling’ , and ‘Lost in you’. Songs taken from the books of poetry ‘Rock the World’ & “Electric Blue” written by songwriter, lyricist, poet Jimmy D Robinson, ‘At Midnight’ ,‘I got this Feeling’ , and ‘Lost in you’ , are next in line to heat up the dance floors of the world. Produced by Jimmy D Robinson, Kinky Roland and Mark Schneider, with an international cast of remixers/producers including Loverush UK (United Kingdom), Jose Velez (NYC, USA), FC Nond (Brazil), Arrena (Sao Paulo), Zur Face (Columbia), Timothy Allan (Australia), DJ Deibys (Uraguay), Klubjumpers (TX, USA), DJ Maximus 3000 (Miami, USA), Kinky Roland (United Kingdom) and many more will convoy the two new songs onto the world music and dance charts.

1. we begin the package with a seductive, chugging, floor filler with Loverrush Digital founders and internationally acclaimed Production Duo Loverrush UK! (Kinky Roland and Mark Loverush), Already dominating dancefloors with their contribution not only to “In the20Night” featuring CEEVOX but other works with Sylvia Tosun, Molly Boncroft, kirsty Hawkshaw and more.

2. Following we have Kinky Roland’s Electro charged techy rendition, sure to heat up the hottests dance floors from UK, To USA.

3. Brazlian Native FC Nond, gives us 2 separate takes on “At Midnight” An aggressive and beautifully balanced set exploring, Tribalectro, Tech, Progressive and latin sounds.

4. Next Miami Based, DJ/Producer and 8025 Alliance Music Group Founder Maximus 3000, teams up with San Antonio based 3 time Grammy Winning and 20+ Time top 10 billboard charting Production Duo Klubjumpers to Produce a Peak Time, Filtered Disco , Funky House Gem. Drawing from Maximus 3000’s Miami Influence and Klubjumpers main stream high profile sound to create the aptly titled “Dreamix”.

5. Finally we round off the package of the First wave of Mixes with Original mix from Jimmy D. Robinson himself along with Mark Shnieder, and Kinky roland to produce a synth, alt-rock, new wave Pop track, the likes of Annie Lennox, Laura Branigan, Madonna, and Prince would be happy to affix their seal of approval on to. Taking CEEVOX’s Vocal Range and Potential to stratospheric he ights, showcasing the singers true talent, coupled with the full poem by Jimmy D. Robinson.

For More information log onto:

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