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PODCAST POST: DJ Maximus 3000’s “Silents Please!” Live Audio/Visual Installation to “Que Viva Mexico!” Now on iTunes.

The Mix Set to “Que Viva Mexico!” During Miami Beach Cinemathque’s Monthly installation/Series “Silents Please”. A Screening of a Silent movie set to a new score. This Set has Special Significance as a merging of the Classic and Modern. MBC’s Monthly Series is Usually Acompanied by a Live Instumentalist/Classical Musician. In November’s Edition MBC invited DJ Maximus 3000 to Provide an all modernist electronic music Score to a remastered screening of  Sergei Eisenstien’s Highly Stylized “Que Viva Mexico!” (A combination Documentary/Drama/Commentary on The People and Culture of 1930’s Mexico) DJed Live. To No suprise the Film house and hotbed of art and culture was sold out and packed to the brim with a crosssection of Independent artists, film buffs, electronic music afficiados and the plain curious, in a variety of age ranges.

In the True Spirit of this ONE TIME special “Silents Please!” installation and celebration of Classic Meets Modern , DJ Maximus 3000 Has turned the Live set into a Podcast for the digital world to enjoy bringing the classic avant garde Film piece to 2009 and beyond breathing life back into a certifiable masterpeice with a new “spin” for a new generation.

The Mix In nature has a combination Chill out, Dub, Electronica, Goth, Acid Jazz , New age and Darkwave Textures.

2 Enhanced Podcasts complete with Track listing and Links to buy Music are availble on iTunes for Free for you to Enjoy:

iTunes Link to DJ Maximus 3000’s Podcast Directory:

Or Download/Listen Directly to your PC/Mac:
Track Listing:

  1. Juri Hulkkonen feat. Nick Triani – Science (Ari Brika Mix)
  2. Juri Hulkkonen feat. Jerry Valuri – Lo Fiction (Alternative Version)
  3. Juri Hulkkonen – Interstate of Love
  4. Newcleus – Destination Earth (Juri Hulkkonen mix)
  5. Juri Hulkkonen – Strange Faith
  6. Mr. Oizo – Flat 55
  7. Mr. Oizo – Flatbeat
  8. Beth Orton – Central Reservation (Ben Watt Mix)
  9. UNKLE – Lonely Souls
  10. Future Sound Of London – Papau New Guinea (Dumb Child of Q Mix)
  11. Waldeck – Aquarius
  12. Massive Attack – Black Milk
  13. High Contrast – Racing Green
  14. Gus Gus – Starlovers
  15. Gus Gus – Is Jesus your Pal
  16. Leftfield – 20th Century Poem
  17. L’ame Immortal – Licht and Schatten (Space Diva Mix)
  18. Tricky – Pumpkin
  19. Dead Can Dance – Host of Seraphim (Oakenfold Mix)
  20. Dead Can Dance – Host of Seraphim
  21. Maximus 3000 – Seraphims Ghost
  22. Talvin Singh – Eclipse
  23. Leftfield – Afro Left


Link to Press Release with More Information on the Night:

Link to a Blurrb in the Miami New Times:

More information about Miami Beach Cinematheque:

EVENTS: DJ Maximus 3000 performs a Special Experimental Art and Music Set at Miami Beach Cinematheque’s Monthly “Silents Please!”

For Immediate release – Miami, FL November 25, 2008: “DJ Maximus 3000 performs a Special Experimental Art and Music Set at Miami Beach Cinematheque’s Monthly “Silents Please!””

November 30 SUN 7:45pm:


A special audio-visual experience unlike you have ever seen before!

Featuring A LIVE electronic music Score/DJ Set by  Maximus 3000!

Que Viva Mexico! (Sergei Eisenstein/Mexico/Russia/1931)

The KINO restoration of a lost masterpiece of cinema


A blend of the ethnographic, the political, the scenic and the surreal, Qué Viva México! is nothing short of brilliant; a highly stylized (silent with limited subtitles) documentary on the people and volatile social climate of Mexico. It remains superior to the legion of films it strongly influenced: Orson Welles’ It’s All True, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo and the works of Sergio Leone. With sequences devoted to the Eden-like land of Tehuantepec, the savage majesty of the bullfight, the struggles of the noble peasant and the hypnotic imagery of the Day of the Dead, Qué Viva México! is a vivid tapestry of Mexican life which, thanks to Grigory Alexandrov and Nikita Orlov’s careful restoration, takes its rightful place alongside Eisenstein’s other legendary works.

DJ Maximus 3000 will score the film live. “It’s a new spin on the art of DJing. I’m not playing to the audience; I’m creating the soundtrack to the film, which will in turn affect the audience,” he says.

DJ Maximus 3000 Adds ” This Event will be an interesting take on MBC’s monthly series as they usually have classical and live instrumentalists. This will  be a Hats off to The Petshop Boys 2004 Performance in Trafalgar square to Eisenstein’s cinema classic “Battleship Potemkin”. This Performance will feature  a collection of ethereal landscapes and haunting downtempo electronic beats, with an equal mix of preselected Pieces and original experimental Productions from My Studio work, Mixed live DJ Style.”

The film will be followed by the closing night reception for the MBC LEO MATIZ Frida Kahlo exhibition. $12 or $10 MBC Members / Students / Seniors

Miami Beach Cinematheque | 512 Española Way Miami Beach, FL | 305-673-4567


EVENTS: Film Screening “Dance Planet X’s South Beach” Directed by Maximus 3000 @ Shelley Novak’s Hollywood @ Miami Beach Cinematheque, South Beach FL 6-26-06

Special Event: Shelley Novak s Hollywood: Andy warhol s Bad,
Dance Planet X  South Beach (Maximus 3000 Novelty Director s Cut) Film Screening
Miami beach Cinematheque, 448 Espanola Way, South Beach FL
Film showcaser/Promoter | Film Screening