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New Releases out on 8025 Alliance Music Group!

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8025 ALLIANCE NEWS: London Based Producer Paul James Lends his future pop flair to 80’s Hi-energy Disco Diva Carol Jiani with the alchemist house track “Radio Active Love”, as “pure as gold”.

London Based Producer Paul James Lends his future pop flair to 80’s Hi-energy Disco Diva Carol Jiani with the alchemist house track “Radio Active Love”, as “pure as gold”.


“Radio Active Love” Signed to North America on 8025 Alliance Music Group for Exclusive Distribution, Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers Vision X, Maximus 3000, Warren Rigg, Reed McGowan and More.


For Immediate Release – Miami, FL July 18, 2009: London Based Producer Paul James signs his Masterpiece space aged Love song dance trackRadio Active Love” to North America exclusively on 8025 Alliance Music Group. Featuring the power house vocals of Carol Jiani (best known for her 1981 smash hit “Hit and Run Lover”, an international Hi-Energy Disco Anthem that would go on to be a billboard hit in the U.S.) , “Radio Active Love” is poised to take the American and European Dance charts by storm with a diverse cross section of Remixers and Producers from around the globe, warping the disco diva’s signature sound light years into the current dance market for a whole new generation of fans.


“Radio Active Love” Subject matter , beautifully written by James, comes to life with great emotion and soul as only Jiani could do delving into science, alchemy, fusion, and atomic physics as a metaphor for  the spark of love that is as much a “Chemical Reaction” as it is an instinctual human condition.  Included in the first maxi-single are a variety of remixes in house styles for all markets including  an all star team of Remixer/producers including Klubjumpers, VisionX, Maximus 3000, Warren Rigg, Reed McGowan, DJ Ronstar, DJ Christian, & Paul James himself.


James’ Track first caught the attention of DJ Maximus 3000 (aka Alex Ferbeyre) Founder  of Miami based 8025 Alliance Music Group Record Label,  When Jiani was Introduced to Maximus during Miami Beach’s inaugural Gay Pride Celebration where Maximus  was the official DJ and the Pair Shared the stage with Patti Labelle, Ceevox, India, and  Fani Lu. Already a huge fan of the Disco Diva, Maximus was blown away by Spain Based producers Peter Hayward and James Exley’s (aka VisionX) remix of “Radio Active Love” and A “Transatlantic” love affair soon ensued between James, Jiani and Maximus.  After a few communications,  James and Jiani agreed  to Bring on Maximus to produce a remix in classic Miami, American Fashion. This time collaborating once again with 3 Time Grammy winning and 20 plus billboard chart topping producers Klubjumpers.  Currently Klubjumpers /Maximus 3000’s  first collaboration is taking the global charts by storm with their remix of “At Midnight” for Jimmy D. Robinson featuring Ceevox , (#1 on Billboards Breakout club Charts, #2 on UK’s Music Weeks Dance Charts and Currently #25 and climbing on billboards top 100 Club Play Charts as of July 25, 2009), and “Radio Active Love” is set to do the same, already garnering the attention of several radio stations and Record pools in the UK and US.


Naturally a mutual interest grew to License the track and all its mixes to 8025 Alliance Music Group for North American Distribution.  A unique and colorful music video is already set into motion, and An advance Promo to all Tastemakers and DJs has already been issued.  


“Radio Active Love”  the remixes Part 1 is set to be released exclusively in north America on on 8025 Alliance Music Group , On August 4, 2009. The official Music Video soon to be released There After on all social networking sites, on several record pools and Music Networks abroad.


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More about Paul James:  UK based Producer Paul James has been making waves in the  European and Arab Territories with his full length albums “Fusion” and “Fusion remixed” featuring several Vocalists and Remixers.With his signature space-pop electronic style,  he infiltrates the north American Territories with a slew of Maxi-singles signed to 8025 Alliance Music Group, include “Go A Little Deeper” Featuring Anthony Delfina, “Space Odyssey” featuring Rosey, “Too Late for Sorry” featuring Australian based Space Monkey and Several others. James is often compared to a hybrid Pet Shop boys, Erasure, Massive Attack, and Tiesto.


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More about Carol Jiani: Carol Jiani’s 1981 Billboard Hit “Hit and Run Lover” took the American Hi-energy Disco scene by storm and cemented a die hard fan base that is still strong today. She’s frequented the charts on several occasions. Jiani has had an lasting impact on the Dance and Pop scene through her subsequent follow up singles including  “The Woman In me” which was #2 on the billboard club Play Charts in 1984. A constant performer and vocalist, Jiani has continued to make music through the years, and currently  New Material and several singles are scheduled to be released with Carol Jiani’s Amazing vocals, garnering a brand new fanbase for a current generation.

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 Here  is what some of our industry peers and Tastemakers have to say about “Radio Active”:


Manuel Carranco – “Excellent!”

DavidLaSalle – “All so nice!”
Provincetown Ma.

Ronnie Matthews – “Hot energy ,nice production.”
Starfleet Music Pool
Ron – “Dark and Menacing, my kind of sound”

Mitch Orlando – “love the kick in this mix”

Neil Brown – “The Club Mixes gets it into a deeper harder zone”

Warren Gluck – “Great dubby sounding sexy groove!
New York

Wesley Bryant King – “Another great Vision X remix!”
Denver Colorado

DJ KIK – “DJ Ronstar Club mix is good”
Fabiana Cruz – “This mix is HOT!!!”

Ting Azarcon – “Electro bass is excellent with the vocals”
Rehoboth Beach

Oliver – “Would definitely be playing this out on the weekends. big room styles. i like the breakdown.”
Melbourne Victoria

DJ Jeff Lewis – “Big clubby and fun. Will definitely play…”