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PRESS: “Celebrando la Musica con nuestros DJs Latinos” Featuring DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

PRESS:”TO THE MAX: DJ Maximus 3000 Spins us Round” HotSpots Magazine Interviews DJ/Produce Maximus 3000

Born and raised in Miami, DJ Maximus 3000 has become more than a local star the past few years. The friendly DJ, who is influenced by his Cuban/French/Italian and Spanish background, has gained nationwide recognition. Hotspots Magazine caught up with him to find out what makes him tick and to see what we should expect next from this talent.

When did you decide to become a DJ?

djmax30002When I was 15, while attending art college for a Visual Arts Degree, I started to experiment with music and DJing. I was always intrigued by the dichotomy of music and visual arts and how they can go hand in hand. In fact, some of my first gigs were experimental art exhibits and installations providing a soundtrack for whole shows. Eventually I thought this was an awesome way of having fun, expressing myself and also making a bit of extra money. By 17 I had a full-fledged mobile DJ company doing all sorts of events for every type of client imaginable, and by 19 I had several residencies ranging from Goth nights to several break beats/house underground parties. It’s been an uphill trajectory ever since. I’m constantly evolving and growing.

What DJs do you like?

I know this is a cliché answer but, truth is, there are way too many to answer. I enjoy such a wide range of artists and DJ from all over the world. Again, good music is good music. There are so many avenues to discover new music nowadays; I literally find new favorites on a daily rate.

Who are your influences?

I would say recording artists such as Daft Punk, Bjork, Orbital, The Blue Man Group and Underworld really influenced how I present myself when I’m performing. They just do their own thing and really do more performance art, something that has always appealed to me. When it comes to my productions, I have to say that a very wide range of music influences who I am and where I draw my inspiration.

djmax30003How would you describe your style?

In a word: eclectic. Generally, I play good music. I use nostalgia as a drug, a good tune you can sing along to always works. But, I play a range of house, classic sounds, filtered disco, electro, and high-energy music in a variety of styles. My two year residency at Living Room Nightclub has allowed me to dive deep into the mash-up/performance VJ culture, really culminating all the mediums I have worked with in the past. I have now launched a whole new skill set in my repertoire which allows me to combine almost any piece of music and visual archive into a high-energy audio/visual party collage. Come see me at Living Room!

What makes you different from other DJs?

I want to say that there are a lot of DJs that share my same sensibility and theory that my job and skill as a DJ and perfection in my craft come from playing for the crowds. I would say that I shy away from a growing trend in DJs that do it for ego or being the center of attention. Nothing gets me off more than moving a crowd and making a connection with my audience. That’s the high I live for and why I am so passionate about DJing. I give the people what they want, while satisfying my own artistic expression in breaking new music seamlessly.

What is something about you that would surprise your fans?

A lot of people would find it very surprising to know that I’m blind in one eye and half deaf in one ear. I was born this way. Although I am medically handicapped, I’ve never considered myself so. In fact, whenever my handicap has gotten in the way I just try harder. This year, thanks to the new advances in 3D technology, I was able to see 3D for the first time, Thank god I went with IMAX and Avatar – talk about epic!

djmax30004What was your craziest DJ story?

I have so many, but we’ll just keep those to ourselves! Really I can write a book! But I’d have to say there were a few weekends were I had eight gigs in one weekend, and six in another! That was crazy to say the least! But I love a challenge!

What was your favorite party to spin at?

Besides my current residency (shameless plug) at the fabulous groundbreaking Liquid Fridays at Living Room in Fort Lauderdale, truth is wherever there is a willing and good crowd of people happy and ready to dance – I’m there!

Where can people come see you spin?

I spin both Fridays for Liquid Fridays and Sho Saturdays at Living Room Nightclub, Wednesdays at Twist with a very special launch in October of a whole new concept in audio/visual/audience interaction (can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag on that one). I also have tons of special events lined up for October and November including a cancer benefit and some launch parties. Next year is already looking amazing as I have been confirmed for special events during NYC Gay Pride, WMC, Miami Beach Gay Pride and several guest spots throughout the U.S. including L.A., Georgia, New York and several spots in Florida. You can really keep up to date by following my Twitter at or my website at; you can also check out my daily shows at PNN Radio at, soon to be a TV series! Shhh.

Lastly, can we also get a Top 5 from you?

1. Flo Rida feat David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me (DJs from Mars Bootleg)

2. Katy Perry feat Snoop Dogg VS Van Halen – California Gurls (DJs from Mars Remix)

3. Drake – Over (J Felix Remix)

4. Aquagen Vs. Lil’ Jon – Put your F*cking Hands Up (Blade)(Samwise Edit)

5. Tiesto – Louder than Boom (Bart B More Mix)

PRESS: “LivingRoom Turns One” HotSpots Magazine Interviews DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

“Some of the hottest Deejays entertain…including Danny Tenaglia, Patrick M, Chris Cox, and of Course resident Deejay Maximus 3000”

HOTSPOTS MAGAZINE – “Living Room Turns One” by 411 Magazine’s Sheri Elfman

PRESS: Muy Enteresante Magazine Pinchando Los DJs


In the summer of 2008, Welsh actor Christian Bale was filming the sci-fi movie Terminator Salvation. Bale was mid-scene when director of photography Shane Hurlbut walked through the set. This caused the star to lose his temper and vomit a torrent of insults that lasted for nearly four minutes.

After the incident everything seemed to simmer down. But, in early February, a web site publicized a video of the impropriety. Immediately, Lucian Piane a young composer and music producer that goes by the name of Revo-Lucian had the idea to remix the video. He modified the recording with his own music worthy of playtime on the hottest dance floor. He combined the frenzied artist images to his sound, called the new version Bale Out and became a viral success on YouTube. Within a few days, had more than 2.500.000 visits.

Big Words at a Rythm

More surprising than the global impact is that Piane created the project in a couple of hours from his home laptop. No schooling, musicians, recordings, or money spent.

“That week I was finalizing drag queen diva RuPaul’s album when the Christian Bale incident came out. I said ‘I don’t have time for that’. Even so, I knew that I had to do something,” Revo-Lucian says. “I gave myself two hours, but it ended up taking me almost three. Then I shared the remix with friends and loaded it up on YouTube”.

It wasn’t the first time Piane turned a celebrity antic into a dance mix: “I’ve been working with Apple Logic Studio, a pretty powerful software.” In fact, that’s how I did RuPaul’s album. I had to add some elements to perfect the sound, but we essentially recorded it in my bedroom, using the closet as vocal cabin. Whenever I said ‘this is ghetto’, RuPaul corrected me by saying: ‘It’s the future'”.

Today, anyone with a little knowledge about computers, the right programs and a good ear for rhythm can create music and reach hundreds, thousands or millions of listeners.

It’s music born from technology and through it, either through digital stores such as iTunes or Rhapsody, or free music sites such as and, or through pages like MySpace or YouTube, don’t require the traditional music stores or radio broadcasts to be heard. In this musical revolution, cutting-edge producers and DJs star in a phenomenon where they become international celebrities and even scholarly experts based on the sound that they invent or mix, how they make it and where they play it. That’s the case of Paul Miller, whose artistic alter ego is Spooky, That Subliminal Kid.

Spinning for 40,000 Euros a Night

Miller’s book, Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture, explores the possibilities of what you can achieve with digital media in a culture that is linked more and more to various information channels. The collection of essays is published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is used as an academic text in prestigious educational institutions such as Harvard and Georgetown University. “For me, everything is connected. Sound is writing, writing is music, music is art “, says Spooky. “The idea is to overcome the mentality of the 20th century, which says all is divided into separate components, like a factory. Today, we are all factories: I burn and mix CDs and DVDs on a daily basis, all the time. The way in which we have consolidated production tools enables the metaphor of the DJ to move forward”.

This DJ that Miller refers to, has become a sort of popular arbitrator who takes samples (called sampling) from infinite sources. For Spooky, as for other DJ heroes, their profession has become art, science and language.

“There are DJs affecting the general music scene, and that cannot be ignored,” says Tony Lima, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Miami Museum of Science, and responsible for running two exhibitions on music at the same time: American Sabor, the role of Latinos in the musical history of United States, and Access All Areas, which explores the technological side. “I think people don’t see music as a science, although it is in its technological elements and composition. To make the science more universal, more for the masses, you have to look to the arts and how it’s involved. That was my motivation,” explains Lima.

“In recent years, thanks to the growth of dance music and hip hop, many DJs have taken the profession to another level. Earning over 40,000 Euros just by spinning one night in Ibiza, like the well-known guys, has also served as an incentive,” says 25-year veteran SAMA. “People see how Djs operate–winning awards, achieving success in music lists, mixing for artists, going to the best parties and making money. Who wouldn’t like that?”

Although in the 70s and 80s DJs in the U.S. were able to make a name for themselves by contributing to the development of various rhythms – disk, rap, freestyle, new wave – the international phenomenon of the DJ-celebrity took off in the 1990s. It occurred due to several factors such as raves – parties with electronic music, trance and techno-, its DJ promotions and records for their followers worldwide. Mix all this with the availability of digital portable players such as iPods and Zunes, music downloads via internet, streaming, and a generation seeking instant gratification, and you get the perfect musical cocktail.  “Many musicians who still have the old-school mentality believe that things will always remain the same. The new way of thinking bets on everything changing. And that’s OK,” argues Spooky. “The creative act,” he adds, “is going to be reflected in the tools used to create music. The composer will have to learn a new language”. This has been evolving constantly, not only in this century, but since the first decades of the past, when several inventors created innovations that modernized music. Technology has transformed songs, listening, distribution and promotion.

“With current techniques everything is easier,” says Carlos López, from Puerto Rican DJ duo Plumpy Bitches. Along with Luigi Rodriguez, the duo is known for techno rhythms, electro and house, and after hours spinning which can extend from 4 in the morning till noon. “When we spin, I’m in charge of mixing and Luigi takes care of special effects and acappellas”, explains Lopez. “We use two laptops, where we store music, and a MIDI – an apparatus which coordinates the functions of the different controller programs from a language called MIDI. Then, we use a software that allows us to interact with the club’s equipment like turn-tables and CD players”.

Lopez would have to carry about twenty suitcases full of CDs given the number of songs stored in his computer. His files have 8,000 songs, allowing him to spin for 32 consecutive days without repeating the same tune. Buying CDs or vinyl is not something entirely from the past, but it increasingly becomes less attractive due to the convenience of digital supply. “Until not so long ago, it was standard to go to record shops”, recounts Aulden Brown, resident DJ for the Armani Exchange retail stores in South Florida. “We’ve gone from purchasing two or three remixes on vinyl for about 8 to 10 Euros, to acquiring digital master format –which reproduce the quality in which the songs were recorded – for about 2 Euros”.

Eleven years ago, Brown moved to Miami, Winter Music Conference headquarters for almost two decades. The conference is one of the most important annual DJ events and meeting place for dance and electronic music artists and industry professionals. Brown has been a DJ for ten years and has experienced the very important role played by technological advances in his career. “With the number of digital stores, can I buy all the music I want without the fear they’ll sell out, as was the case with CDs”, he says. “Now you’re going to iTunes, and for 99 cents download a song in MP3, a lower quality than the professional format we DJs use, but almost as good as the CD.  I like using wav, which reproduces the song as the artist recorded, for the best possible sound”.

The scratched disc is over

Access to diverse audio formats and all kinds of musical genres allows not just the star Js to access the latest music as was the norm before. That’s what Alfredo Barrios, who studied advertising, but who had always felt a passion for music and an attraction to what DJs do, discovered two years ago. One night, a friend asked him to assume responsibility in a small but well-known club on South Beach, Miami.” That fortuitous circumstance transformed his life and drove his career as a disc jockey. Today he is known as FR8-O.” What I did was play one song after another, according to my own tastes, and people seemed pleased,” tells Barrios. “It was the first time that I worked a DJ console”.

A pop and ‘80s dance fanatic, Barrios gradually built his resume at different venues in the city. At the beginning he didn’t even charge. Today, along with other colleagues, instead of carrying a bag full of compact discs, he only carries his laptop.

The next step in the development of a nascent career such as his is producing one’s own CDs. This takes the DJ to another level, giving him prestige, followers, economic gains and the opportunity to produce for other artists.

Rocky Balboa and The Supremes, Duetting

With just a single song either remixed or original, a DJ can enter the celebrity club, as happened, for example, to Victor Calderone after remixing Madonna’s Frozen, at the end of the 1990s. A style can also become a springboard: DJ Enferno (Eric Jao), famous for using the turntable as musical instruments as if he were a one-man orchestra, received an invitation last year to join Madonna as an official member of the Sticky & Sweet tour.

Such is the singing siren that DJs-stars generate. Last September a private jet crashed in South Carolina shortly after takeoff, and the news concentrated mainly on two of the passengers: musician Travis Barker from Blink 182, and DJ Adam Goldstein, known as AM. A favorite of famous Hollywood types such as Steven Spielberg or Tom Cruise, AM became well known by a so-called style called mash up, where, for example, he would mix a classic cut of yesteryear like The Supremes Baby Love with something completely different like the Rocky movie soundtrack.

Ever the media-philes, future DJs will evolve with music and technology. Some will learn to be VJs or video jockeys, by mixing songs with videos that follow the rhythms and are exhibited in enormous television screens. Others will be magnates, the road traveled by Maximus 3000 (Alex Ferbeyre) that, not yet 30, spins and promotes at many major clubs, represents artists in the making, announces on an online radio show, manages his record label and produces his own songs.

“You have to become a brand, be professional and do everything”, says Ferbeyre. “When there is so much music out there and so many DJs, things are a bit cloudy. I am in favor of people expressing themselves musically, and technology has leveled opportunities for all. There is no longer a need to have a lot of money for large projects. The other side of the coin is that then many fans arise. I don’t get much sleep, but I love what I do. My goal is to have a global reach,” concludes Ferbeyre.

PRESS: The Pink Interviews DJ Maximus 3000

On August 1, 2009 closed its doors, In July of 2009 They Featured DJ Maximus 3000 on the home page as DJ of the month and Conducted this full length interview. It is here in its entirety , Enjoy.


DJ Maximus 3000 is not only the resident DJ at Living Room Nightclub in Ft.Lauderdale, but a well-spoken, multi-talented intellectual breath of fresh air! With a great outlook on life and music, Alex Maximus Ferbeyre “Max” (for short) has an intense work ethic that covers everything from resident DJ/producer, his own record label and several BillBoard chart-topping releases, and a full length cd “Seraphim Eyes” in the works! sat down for an exclusive interview with “Max” to capture his non-stop awesome personality and projects in the making. DJ Maximus 3000 is on his way to becoming one of the few superstar DJs famed for all around music success. With a personality and work ethic like his, “Max” indeed holds the key for sucess in the music industry today!! Stay updated and tuned in for more on DJ Maximus3000 with and be sure to check out’s exclusive interview with DJ Maximus 3000 below!

PL – You are quite talented for such a young Entrepenuer/DJ and have also been getting alot of recognition for your mixes. How old are you, are you single and how long have you been professionally playing?

MAXIMUS – Well, relatively 29 going on 18 going on 40. if that makes sense, I feel young at heart and Joyfull in all my endeavors , however i feel ive been blessed by god with a intuitive knack for working in the music industry, on many levels. I am flattered when people I consider my mentors/idols recognize that i can keep=2 0up with this business as if ive been at it for 20+ years. Although, realistically ive studied music almost my entire life, reading liner notes and CD jackets was my favorite part of buying a new record. I officially Started at 15 as a mobile DJ, by 17 Had my own mobile company with several corporate and private clients. I naturally progressed to club Djing around 20 years old, its been a steady uphill trajectory since then.

PL – Recently in the past year, 3 of your mixes have made BillBoard’s Top Lists…Are you working on producing new music or perhaps producing a full cd anytime in the near future?

MAXIMUS – First of all Thank you Very Much for recognizing those accomplishments. Im still pinching myself b elieve me. I am very very busy as a matter of fact working on Several projects. My very latest was a remix I produced with the 3 time grammy winning Klubjumpers for Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox’s second collaborative single “At Midnight” already receiving Major press and charting everywhere. I am happy to also announce that i will be co-producing and arranging several upcoming Original productions for Jimmy D. Robinson alongside Ceevox , including an electronic/downtempo Ballad ala Acid Jazz, which im very excited to work on as it will showcase a bit more of my range as a producer. I am also currently working on many remixes and projects for my own record label 8025 Alliance Music Group, including Original Material with Tania Mashay, Paul James, Carol Jiani, Josh Riptide and much more. Also been working with Reed McGowan and Zhana Saunders, Jacinta, Lauren Hildebrandt, and Howard Tonkin to name a few as far as remixes go.

My Full Length Solo Debut EP is also well under way “Seraphin Eyes” , electronic/house covers of 80’s synth pop, and industrial vocal tracks featuring various Vocalists w hom ive worked with in the past and who are personal freinds of mine. im looking very much to releasing those as each single will have a set of amazing remixes attached sort of like a collectors thing. As Daft Punk did with their Discovery CD. There alot more, This summer is all about My productions!

PL – If you can choose a “Dream DJ” to play/produce with, who would it be and where? And a “Dream Artist”?

MAXIMUS – Well This would be a hard thing to answer cause im always excited to pl ay with everyone! i love tag teaming and putting together showcases of multiple DJs. I can tell you That i would love to take part in Showcase of some of my idols doing live sets performances sort of like a newschool meets oldschool showcase, Like a showcase/multimedia live performance with Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Arthur Baker, Jellybean, Little Louie Vega, Ben Liebrand, Vince Clarke etc. That would be a KILLER showcase! And I must say, I would LOVE to work with Bjork! wow. However, Madonna, Grace Jones, Depeche Mode, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue id love to work with all these people.

PL – How do you see your style changing…is there a particular sound you are aiming to capture or do you like the diverse sounds/styles of house/progressive/electro-funk? How do you describe your current playlists?

MAXIMUS – Well Quite honestly , the common thread amongst all my sets is Definitely Nostalgia and vocal pop tracks. Im a big fan of being to sing along while you dance! That being said, My DJ “Style” is constantly evolving. each evolution and assimilation of a new style of music fuses with my past likes and preferences. When i first started i LOVED filtered disco, fluffy Ibiza Euro funky House, Lately Electro House has been my cup of tea. but the Truth is I play DANCE MUSIC, doesn’t quite matter the style. I like to believe I can play to almost any crowd, I can work up an open format room as i do at my residency at Living Room’s Liquid Fridays and i can do a Deep Driving Set for an Afterhours. which ive done both and everything in between. I attribute this to years of Djing in Multiple Venues and crowds of people.

PL – What are your plans for the second half20of 2009 and how do you envision your next 3 years in music?

MAXIMUS – Well, Tour Dates in multiple Cities are lining up as I will be touring with Tania Mashay and Other of My fellow artists showcasing our current releases. so Im looking forward to building friendships and new fans in other cities. including some out of the country locations, Japan WATCH OUT! Like I said Above , lots of productions lined up.

Music I believe is going to take a turn more and more to the internet, even more than it has already. Live webcasts, streaming concerts, things of that nature will soon be a normal thing. and instead of Merchandise tables at concert halls, people can click and buy mp3s from their desktop during a streaming concert. Im almost sure of it.

PL – You currently wear many hats in the music industry. Do you foresee yourself taking on more of an executive/managment-type position or more in the spotlight keeping up all those great mixes we hear from DJ Maximus 3000?

MAXIMUS – Truth Is, I wear Many hats because i have a multifaceted personality. Some call it ADD, but I call it being a multitasker ha ha. I like to have hands on interaction with all the media and materials that come out from my label, my websites, my artists websites etc.. Its very common for independent artists to do and wear many hats. I quite enjoy it, I had a background in Visual Art before i Decided to go into the music industry so its sort of two sides of the same coin. I would admit that I foresee expanding my brands as , that has always been a widespread goal for me, I admire people such as Tracy Young, Brett Henrichson, Mark Knight, Dirty South, Eric Prydez, Axwell etc whom have all expanded their brands not only as DJ/producer but Succesfull Record Label Owners, and Event Producers . But, Performing and creating music has always been and always will be at the core of my drive for being in the music industry as a whole.

PL – What does the 3000 stand for?

MAXIMUS – Its a hats off to the future, forever fleeting and forever in our control. its my mantra and constant reminder to look towards to the future and keep being a foward thinking individual to shape and effect the future and the world around me.

PL – If you could pick one of the many talents you have or have achieved in music so far, what is the one you love to do the most and if besides DJing, will you be focusing of that in the near future?

MAXIMUS – Well I have very much made up my mind to continue to pursue my music production, Not only as a Dance music remixer, but exploring many genres and working with people across the globe. I have expanded my horizons so much because of my music involvement i count it as a blessing to=2 0have been able to work with producers and artists from all over the world and soak in their cultures , the world does become so small and attainable all within your reach. Thats a good feeling and will be at the epicenter of my drive and focus along with my DJing career.

PL – As a DJ or guru in the music industry…How have you been affected by the recession of our economy? Are you available for hire? DJ gigs? Are you also available for hire in your other areas of talent such as VJ, cinematography and record label…8025 Alliance Music Group?

MAXIMUS – Well The recession has very much affected ALL of us in every industry. I am very confortable, Thank god, with my income a s this is what i do for a living. I most certainly am available for contract as I am always looking for new venues and places to expand my horizon at. As far as my other areas of artist exploration I would say that they are less of way for me to make money and more of a way to expand my artistic pallet. I would love to explore acting, or Co-Directing more Music Videos and/or Independent movies, become a music supervisor at a production studio, or producing an Audio/visual showcase art installation (something im already working on for the near future), and of course im always looking for new material to remix and/produce.

As Far as my label Goes, i apply all my expieriences as DJ to working with my artists and other musicians to help promote them properly. We are currently taking Submissions for distribution, licensing, production and Promotion as my catalog is growing quite vastly and our distribution hub is growing as well. I pride myself in saying we know how to cut through an over saturated market , as i have made great contacts in my field to facilitate those promotions.

PL – What does the future hold for DJ Maximus 3000 and in your own words, is there anything you would like to add or announce or have us include in this interview?

MAXIMUS – Thanks for asking. as i mentioned before I am expanding my brands in many areas. for one I want to officially announce that i have been Approached by Billboard Magazine as an Official Billboard Reporting DJ, joining a very privileged number of National DJs (im very flatterd to have been considered and look forward to supplying a top 10 to everyone out there on a weekly basis)

I have also been asked to join a very predominant and popular blogger site as an in house music expert and music reviewer, joining a cast of 7 other columnists in a variety of fields. and Supplying Weekly podcasts and reviews.

As the Crew at the Pink life Knows i have also been involved in running an internet Radio station on , as i have done on several occasions. I am in close development in Launching another Internet radio station featuring Top Notch DJs and Music Specialty shows.

On another Note, I have been working on a side project which i wont say to much about at this point other than it is a live Audio/Visual high octane show as my evil Doppleganger and Alter Ego. A Very Dark and Intense mind blowing experience which i hope to unveil in the Winter of this year, just in time for “Seraphim Eyes” release.

and who knows what else may present its self, all i can say to everyone out there. KEEP A CLOSE EYE on, and remember you can always subscribe and review my specialty podcasts on iTunes.

Want to thank the Crew at for choosing me as July’s Featured DJ. I look forward to working you guys in the future for several things!

======================================================== would like to thank DJ Maximus 3000 for his time and exclusive interview. “You truly are a pleasure to know and we are happy to keep your fans updated with all your new and upcoming works in progress! We wish you the best of luck always and continued success on your journey of music and sound and extend our support to your music career”!

Be sure to check out the monthly DJ Spotlight at on the first of every month!

Best Regards,

NEWSLETTER: SUMMER NEWS: “At Midnight” Hits Radio | Stonewall | Mansion NYC| SWISH Gay Pride NYC | New Releases and MORE!

SUMMER IS HERE! and there is so much news and developments coming through so quickly theres lots coming from DJ Maximus 3000, Tania Mashay, 8025 Alliance Music Group and MORE! 


Jimmy D. Robinson feat Ceevox’s “At Midnight” (with Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Roland, Jimmy D. Robinson, Klubjumpers , FC Nond and More) Hits US FM & Satellite Radio Airplay in Heavy Rotation:


After hitting the ground running with a feature on’s Homepage, and newsletter and debuting on Billboards Breakouts at Number 1, Jimmy D. Robinson/Ceevox’s “At Midnight” receives heavy DJ support and Airplay on international Terrestrial, Satellite and Radio Play globally! with Early Support by Many  international tastemakers.

Added to the following FM Terrestrial , Satellite, and Internet stations and Mixshow Rotation:

Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Maximus 3000, FC Nond, Kinky Rowland, LoverRush UK!, and Jimmy D. Robinson.

#1 Billboard Breakouts.
#1 Music Week Dance Charts UK
#36 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts (current)
Featured Release on

Currently Playing on:

93.3 in SAN DIEGO, CA
91.7 in Wilmington, DE
Music Choice
Pulse 87.7 New York
WXKS Kiss 108 FM Boston, MA
The Beat, Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 36, New York, NY
KXRG Energy 101.1 FM, Honolulu, HI
WMPH, Super 91.7 FM, Wimington, DE
WBZC, Z88.9 FM, Philadelphia, PA:, St Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY
+ MANY MANY MORE! Features Tania Mashay’s Debut Single “Can’t Stop Movin’ ” on its featured releases and Spotlight pages on its home page.


New York Based Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tania Mashay’s Debut single hits the ground running by receiving a featured spot on’s homepage. Signed to 8025 Alliance Music Group, Tania has teamed up with DJ Maximus 3000 on an upcoming summer tour, starting with  several recent WMC event appearances as a headliner, and Most recently Her performance at New York’s Exclusive M2 Ultra Lounge ( Mansion New York), Ms. Mashay has been garnering Industry nods as a new Artist to be watched. Already receiving major Support from some of the globes most widely recognized Tastemakers, its no wonder Her debut single has been receiving so much attention! MUCH MUCH More info on upcoming releases and projects from Tania Mashay coming soon!
Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1” OUT NOW!

Click Here to Buy:

Also featured alongside recently signed  Sanctum Records Artists (8025 Alliance Music Group Sub-Label)  (*More info on Sanctum Records Below under “OTHER NEWS”.)


Popular Blogger “Boy About Town” alongside Drag Diva Mysty Eyez Interview DJ Maximus 3000 on his upcoming weekly column contribution on during Wilton Manors Stonewall Street festival Expo At Justin Reed Early’s Book signing at OUT on wilton drive Sunday June 21st 2009:


Sunday June 21st in Wilton manors (Fort Lauderdale) for 40th anniversary Stonewall celebration parade and expo, at “OUT” gift shop and bookstore a special book Signing of critically acclaimed author of “Streetchild” Justin Reed Early took place. “Boy about Town” Blogger and Drag Diva Mysty Eyez were on hand filming an exclusive interview for, of Mr. Early. They  also conducted a teaser Introduction interview with DJ Maximus 3000 on his upcoming column contribution featuring Top 20 Music Charts, Album reviews, Remix reviews and more. has reached a whopping 19 million hits on a monthly hits with its diverse crosssection of informative articles, advice columns, real estate trends and financial news.

Check out Photos Here:


internationally respected Author, Writer and columnist Mark Thomspson of and contributor Spotlights DJ Maximus 3000 & his recent production for Jimmy D. Robinson & Ceevox “At Midnight”:


Eloquent and Circuit connoisseur  Mark Thompson lends his magic quill to a fantastic and poignant review to DJ Maximus 3000’s remix collaboration with Klubjumpers of Jimmy D. Robinson’s “At Midnight” on . *Long-term New Yorkers, Mark and Robert have also lived in San Francisco, Boston, D.C., Miami Beach and the south of France. With a PhD in American history and literature, Mark is the author of the novels WOLFCHILD and MY HAWAIIAN PENTHOUSE. Robert is the producer of the documentary WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. Their work has appeared in numerous publications.

Read syndicated article here  

Record Pool Director and All around Super Star (we think he is!) Ronnie “Captain Kirk” Mathews of Starfleet Record Pool Reviews 8025 Alliance Music Group Recording Artist Tania Mashay’s Debut Single “Can’t Stop Movin’: The Remixes Part 1”:

Long time Record pool Music director, and Music Veteran reviews Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1” . As Tania Mashay Takes the Record pool circuit by storm, we want to thank all the DJs , Mixshow Jocks, and Radio Supervisors in advance for all their Help. 

Read Review Here:  

WATCH OUT for Tania Mashay’s “Can’t Stop Movin’ ”  Parts 1 and 2 available exclusively on , featuring mixes by Klubjumpers, Christian Scott, Jorge Ojeda, George Carrasco, Exit 59, Mark VDH, Sean McMahon, Mitch Orlando, Ryan Morales, Ed Whitty, Vocal Therapy, Ace K and MANY More!

South Florida based Mag 411 and Mega GLBT Nightlife and entertainment portal conduct interview with DJ Maximus 3000 and Features him on Frontpage:

Recently Sheri Elfman Chief Editor of 411 Magazine in South florida sat down and conducted a one on one Feature with DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 about his likes, Current residency @ Living Room Nightclub and his upcoming projects.

Read Interview Here:


Arubian Based Independent Dance Record Label Sanctum Records Signs with 8025 Alliance Music Group for Distribution and Artist development Check them out here, More info Soon!:
DJ Maximus 3000’s Podcast on the internationally recognized social-network-esque reaches top 50 June 16, June 23, and July 3 2009 as a mover and Shaker:  

South Florida GLBT nightlife portal features DJ Maximus 3000’s Podcast “Summer Sessions” on its extensive list of “Must download” DJ Downloads:  

UK Based Producer Paul James Licenses several projects to 8025 Alliance Music Group for North American Distribution and Promotion , Including “Radio Active Love”  Featuring the Original Lyrics and Vocals of Disco/High Energy DIVA Carol Jiani. More on that VERY Soon!:

Upscale Elite Celebrity Salon XAC Anthony salon and Spa signs on to sponsor Recording Artist Tania Mashay as her exclusive Hair and Makeup Stylists for the Performers Live shows. Check out their site here:

DJ Maximus 3000 Signs Deal with Jimmy D. Robinson to Co-produce  his Next two singles as original composer and producer alongside Ceevox “I Got this Feeling” & “Lost in You”.  



FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009: Tania Mashay Record Release Party, Birthday Bash and Live Performance @ M2 Ultra Lounge NYC (Mansion). New York, NY
FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009: Living Room Nightclub Presents: CIRCUS. A Themed Event. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009: Splash Exit 66 (Crobar Fort Lauderdale) Presents Maximus 3000. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009: Tania Mashay Performs on S.W.I.S.H. Float during NYC’s Gay Pride Parade and street festival.
SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2009:  The MIXX NYC Presents Gay Pride After Party with Live performance by Tania Mashay. New York, NY
FRIDAY JULY 3, 2009: Living Room Nightclub Presents: Independence. A Themed Event. Fort Lauderdale, FL
SUNDAY JULY 5, 2009: Queenex @ Bancroft Supperclub Presents DJ Maximus 3000. Tania Mashay Record Release Party. South Beach , FL
WEDNESDAY JULY 8, 2009:  Rewind @ The Ritz With Special Performance by Tania Mashay. New York, NY
WEDNESDAY JULY 22, 2009:  Special weekly event/tba. South Beach , FL
SATURDAY AUGUST 8, 2009:  Special Weekly event “LIFE”. More Details Coming soon. South Beach FL.


 Dont forget to Catch DJ/Producer Maximus 3000 each and Every friday at Living Room Nightclub Fort Lauderdale for “Liquid Fridays”:  
FRIDAY JULY 10, 2009  Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009 Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 24, 2009 Liquid Fridays @ Living Room
FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009  Liquid Fridays @ Living Room

A) Tania Mashay – “Can’t Stop Movin’ : The Remixes Part 1”. Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Exit 59, George Carrasco, Jorge Ojeda & Christian Scott.  Official Selection on
Buy @ :

B, C, D)  Matias  Larossa “Resident Murder”, Phunktastike “Analog Afterlife”, Beat Syndrome “Distance Monograph” EPOfficial Selections on
Buy @  :

 E) Jimmy D. Robinson Presents Ceevox – “At Midnight”. Featuring Mixes by Klubjumpers, Maximus 3000, Jimmy D. Robinson, Loverrush UK!, Kinky Rowland, FC Nond. Official Selection on & #1 Billboard breakout charts.
Buy @ :

F) amberRose Marie – “Wanna Be A DJ” Featuring Mixes by DJ Maximus 3000, MDeep, John Rizzo, Von Cronkite, Albert Castillo, Josh Harris, MDeep, Dave Fairman, and Giuseppe D. Peaked at #14 Billboard’s Hot Club Play Charts.
Buy @ :

G) India – “Can’t Get No Sleep ’08: The Remixes”. Featuring Mixes by Da Freeks, Chris Costanzo, Jody Vukas, Maximus 3000, Klubjumpers, Stereo Martini. Peaked #3 Billboard’s Hot Club Play Charts Official Selection on, #2 DJ times Magazine Club Charts, #1 R&M Music Charts Record Pools Charts.
Buy @ iTunes :  Can’t Get No Sleep ’08 – The Remixes – EP, India

H) Michael M – “Let ya Have it/Motivation: 2009 Mixes”. Featuring Mixes by Paulo, Dena Cucci, Maximus 3000, Guido Osario . Official Selection on
Buy @ :

I) Megatron feat. Michael M – “RIght on Target”. Featuring Mixes by Mitch Orlando, Giuseppe D., Maximus 3000. Official Selection on  
Buy @ :

J) Christian Scott – “Vol 7: Ease My Trouble”. Featuring MIxes by Christian Scott, Chris Salmon, and Maximus 3000.  
Buy @ :

PRESS: “Fan Page” Interviews DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

DJ Maximus 3000 grew up in Miami and burst onto the music scene as a deejay, veejay, musician, visual artist and cinematographer. His creativity and talent has definitely left a mark on South Florida. I talked to him about his unique sound and his upcoming releases. Editors note: You can hear Maximus at Living Room Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale on Friday nights and a guest appearance at Exit 66 in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Sheri Elfman: How would you describe your sound?
DJ Maximus 3000: In a word, eclectic. Generally, I play “Good Music.” I use nostalgia as a drug, a good tune you can sing along to always works. But, I play a range of house, classic sounds, filtered disco, electro, and high-energy music in a variety of styles.

SE:  What makes you different than other deejays?
M3000: I want to say that there are a lot of deejays that share my same sensibility and theory that my “job” and “skill” as a deejay and perfection in my craft come from playing for the crowds. I would say that I shy away from a growing trend in deejays that do it for ego or being the center of attention. Nothing gets me off more than moving a crowd and making a connection with my audience. That’s the high I live for and why I am so passionate about dejaying. I give the PEOPLE what they want, while satisfying my own artistic expression in breaking new music seamlessly.

SE: Your favorite party/place to spin at?
M3000: Besides my current residency (shameless plug) at the fabulous groundbreaking “Liquid Fridays” at Living Room Fort Lauderdale, truth is wherever there is a willing and good crowd of people happy and ready to dance – I’m there!

SE: Tell us about your latest release?
M3000: Well, I’ll tell you about several. As I am working like crazy this summer! My very latest was a remix I produced with the three time Grammy winning Klubjumpers for Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox’s second collaborative single “At Midnight,” which is already receiving major press and charting everywhere. I am happy to also announce that I will be co-producing and arranging several upcoming original productions for Jimmy D. Robinson alongside Ceevox, including an electronic/downtempo Ballad ala Acid Jazz. I am also currently working on many remixes and projects for my own record label 8025 Alliance Music Group, including original material with Tania Mashay. My full length solo debut EP is also well under way “Seraphin Eyes,” electronic/house covers of ’80s synth pop, and industrial vocal tracks featuring various vocalists. PHEW! So much more you’ll just have to look out on, itunes etc for all my upcoming releases (another shameless plug).

SE: Your favorite deejay?
M3000: I know this is cliche’ answer but, truth is there are way too many to answer. I enjoy such a wide range of artists and deejays from all over the world. Again, good music is good music.

SE: What’s your guilty pleasure?

M3000: Honestly,  I’m a sucker for “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” I know it’s sort of brainless, but I cant get enough of people tripping on themselves or cute animal videos. I Tivo every episode and repeat. That and chocolate. (*Grabs a Hershey Bar).

Maximus 3000 on MySpace
Maximus 3000 on Facebook
Maximus 3000 on Twitter

PRESS: Covers the Miami Beach Gay Pride

The wonderfull Staff at Florida’s Premier Online GLBT Entertainment portal covers the first annual Mimai Beach Gay Pride. Special Thanks to Mark Haines, and Stephan R. Lang for Their continued support!

View Gallery Here:

PRESS: Several Sources Report on Ceevox & Jimmy D. Robinson’s “In the Night” Invasion of Miami Beach Gay pride

Following the Momentum of Ceevox’s Performance at SupermarketXE in London for the Filming of “In the Night” Music Video, and The Successful series of Performances during 2009’s Winter Music Conference.

Jimmy D. Robinson and Ceevox Continue to Catapult higher into the limelight with their  Billboard Hit “In The Night” , By Joining International Diva’s Patti Labelle, India , Carol Jiani, Fanny Lu and More on Stage During the First Annual Miami Beach Gay Pride, Alongside Miami Based DJ Maximus 3000.

Jumping into the fire, with the hits even hotter, Robinson conjures up two more original dance tracks featuring CEEVOX to strike while the iron is hot: ‘At Midnight’ and ‘Truly Is.’ Both songs taken from the book of poetry ‘Rock the World’ written by songwriter, lyricist, poet Jimmy D Robinson, ‘At Midnight’ and ‘Truly Is’ are next in line to heat up the dance floor. Produced by Jimmy D Robinson, Kinky Roland and Mark Schneider, an international cast of remixers including Loverush UK, Jose Velez, FC Nond, Hybrid Heights, Joseph Indelicato, DJ Craig Demo, DJ Maximus 3000, Kinky Roland and many more will convoy the two new songs onto the charts.

Read More info Here:

PRESS: Several News portals report on amberRose Marie’s Record Day Celebrations

 amberRose Marie’s National Record Day festivities as she tours with Long Island’s #1 Hit Music station 106.1 BLI , Visiting  The Record Stop in Lake Ronkonkoma, and continuing in Nassau County at CD Island Saturday April 18, also celebrating the release of “wanna Be a DJ” with radio and club mixes by famed remixer/producers John Rizzo & Van Cronkhite, Mike Cruz, Davidson Ospina, Klubjumpers, Albert Castillo, Josh Harris, M-Deep, Majik Boys, Giuseppe D., Maximus 3000, Dave Fairmen, and M.I.S. aka Aaron Brown & DJ Juan Coon with a R&B mix which features Atlanta rapper, Fresh courtesy of Pheonix Music.

Read all the Details Here:

Canadian Based PR syndicate and news feed

Entrepreneur .com

Yahoo News

PRESS: Reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride

Miami  Florida Based Discount, Free deals, and Money Saving entertainment blog reports on the Free to the public and free entertainment during Miami Beach’s First annual Gay Pride festivities:

Read blurrb here:

PRESS: Miami Herald’s The Ticket Weekend Planner Posts Blurrb on Miami Beach Gay Pride

Miami Herald’s The Ticket Weekend Planner Posts Blurrb on Miami Beach Gay Pride:

PRESS: “Miami Beach Gay Pride 2009” HotSpots Magazine Interviews DJ/Producer Maximus 3000

PRESS:’s Jenn Kennedy Reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride

Internationally Recognized Publication Gaywired reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride:

Read here:

PRESS: SouthFlorida Blade Reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride

South Florida Blade adds Miami Beach Gay Pride to date book of suggested Must-attend Events:

PRESS: 411 magazine’s Staff Pick for Saturday April 18, 2009 Miami Beach Gay Pride

411 magazine’s Staff Pick for Saturday April 18, 2009 Miami Beach Gay Pride

Read Here:

PRESS: Miami Herald’s Rebecca Dellagloria Reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride

Miami Herald’s Rebecca Dellagloria Reports on Miami Beach Gay Pride:

Go Here to Read Article:

PRESS: Starfleet Music’s Captain Kirk Reports on amberRose Marie’s “Wanna Be a DJ”

Read Blurrb Here:—wanna-be-a-dj-remixes.html

PRESS: Hotspots Magazine Reports on Winter Party Festival

South Florida’s Premier LGBT Publication, Hotspots, Circulating to Over 30,300 Average Readers both in its 200+ Drop Locations throughout Upper, Central , and south Florida and Online website, Reports on the 2009 Winter Party festival.

PRESS:’s Marcos Colon Reports on Winter Party Festival

Marcos Colon Reports for One of The world’s most predominant and well trusted nightlife social networks and portals, , on the upcoming Winter Party Festivities.

PRESS: Miami Herald’s Steve Rothaus Reports on Winter Party Festival @ Living room and More

GLAAD Award Winning Journalist and Miami Herald Columnist Steve Rothaus Gives his insight on the world Famous Winter Party Festival.

Click here to read Blog:

PRESS:’s Ryan Burger Reports: “amberRose Marie Wants To Be A DJ – Charting Track!”’s Ryan Burger Reports: “amberRose Marie Wants To Be A DJ – Charting Track!”. amberRose Marie’s “Wanna Be A DJ” Hits the Billboard Top 100 at number 31 featuring DJ/Producer/Remixers John Rizzo, Davidson Ospina, Mr. Mig & Sandeep Chatterjee – aka their new moniker, M-Deep, Mike Cruz, Klubjumpers, Albert Castillo, Josh Harris, Giuseppe D., Maximus 3000, Majik Boys, Dave “Mix It Up” Fairman.

Follow this link to learn More:

amberRose Marie Wants To Be A DJ – Charting Track!

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NEWSLETTER: DJ Maximus 3000 2008 Year in Review & 2009 Upcoming Projects

Media Guide:

1. SEE: Picture Gallery on

2. READ: Official Press Release on “Plastic Doll” Project

3. WATCH: Official Video

4. SEE: Photo Galleries from our WMC week

5. READ: Official Press Release on 8025 Alliance’s Entire WMC week

6. SEE: Picture Gallery on, &

7. READ: Official Press Release On 8025 Alliance Music Group Formation

8. READ: Official Press Release on HappyHour:Sunshower Sundays

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10. FOLLOW: Link to Release on Beatport

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12. READ: Official Press release on the “Right on Target” release

13. READ: Party invitation for Glow

14. READ: Official Media Release From Granda Entertainment , LLC

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16. READ: Entire Interview Published in Wire Magazine

17. READ: Official Press release about Vanessa Conde’s Release Party

18. SEE: Photo Gallies from this event

19. READ: Official Press Release On Spin-A-Thon

20. READ: Official Press release on “Change the world” Project + Download free

21. SEE: Photos from Grand Opening Night on

22. READ: Official Press release from Silents Please

23. FOLLOW: Link to Download Podcasts on iTunes

24. SEE: Photos from the Official Madonna Sticky and sweet tour afterparty

25. READ: Press release about “I Cant Get no sleep” + Listen to tracks

26. READ: Muzophile interview with DJ Maximus 3000

27. FOLLOW: Link to Download DMA Artist confidential podcast

28. SEE: Photos from NYE Roberto Cavali event at Living Room


** DJ Maximus 3000, and All the Staff at 8025 Alliance Music Group would like to extend a special thank you to the media who covered the events and happenings that were featured as photo galleries in this press release.

PRESS: Miami Herald/Gay South Florida’s Steve Rothaus Reports on ArtExplosion ’09/Official Dance Party

GLAAD Award Winning Journalist and Miami Herald Columnist Steve Rothaus Reports on ArtExplosion ’09 with a complete schedule and covering of the Festivities during February’s Month Long LGBT Art/Culture/Music Celebration.

DJ/producers Maximus 3000 & Oren Nizri are Headlining Art Explosion’s Main Dance Party Friday February 20th Click Here to Read a Full Lineup:

PRESS: Miami Herald’s Tania Valdemoro Covers 35th Annual Miami Beach Festival of Arts featuring DJ Maximus 3000

Lots of music and art at North Beach festival

The spotlight will be on North Beach next month when a popular festival comes to Ocean Terrace.


Live music, bungee jumping and face painting. That’s just some of the activities on tap at the 35th Annual Coldwell Banker Miami Beach Festival of the Arts.

The North Beach event takes place on Feb. 7 and 8 at Ocean Terrace, a sliver of land facing the beach between 73rd and 75th streets. It is organized by the city of Miami Beach and the city’s Fine Arts Board.

Between 30,000 to 40,000 people are expected to attend the free event, said Max Sklar, director of Miami Beach’s tourism and cultural development department.

Daniel Veitia, a North Beach activist, said he was excited because the festival gives South Beach residents a chance to appreciate what’s in his neighborhood.

”It’s a staple event where other residents come to North Beach,” he said. “For many of them, it’s the only time they come up here.”

New this year: daytime musical concerts at the North Beach Bandshell, 7275 Collins Ave.

Veitia said the music is a product of a partnership between the city and the North Beach Bandshell Trust.

Five local artists will perform.

The lineup for Feb. 7 includes Maximus 3000, a Miami-based disc jockey, remixer and experimental artist; Suénalo, a band that blends Afro-Cuban, Latin, R&B, rock and hip-hop rhythms; and Very Normal People, a pop band that performs songs from the 1980s and ’90s, as well as recent hits.

On Feb. 8, there will be performances by Maximus 3000, Conjunto Progreso, a Cuban music group; and the Spam Allstars, a band whose music features Latin, funk, hip-hop, turntables and electronic elements.

The festival also showcases the work of 150 artists who will display their paintings, sculptures, photos, ceramics, glass and jewelry along Ocean Terrace.

Children will be able to play in fun houses, create arts and crafts, go rock climbing and bungee jumping in a zone set up for youngsters.

”We try to provide a variety of different forms of entertainment to attract people and keep them coming back,” Sklar said.

Link to Article Online:

PRESS: Covers “Drag It Out” at Living Room

PRESS: Covers “Drag It Out” Charity event at Living Room Sponsored by 8025 Alliance Music Group, Destune Records, Amplitude Recordings and Many more…

PRESS: Covers “Roberto Cavali Fashion Show/New Years Eve” @ Living Room

PRESS: Covers “Roberto Cavali Fashion Show/New Years Eve” @ Living Room

PRESS: South Florida Blade’s J.W. Arnold Writes about “Drag it Out” Charity Event Sponsored by 8025 Alliance and More

PRESS: South Florida Blade’s J.W. Arnold Writes about “Drag it Out” Charity Event Sponsored by 8025 Alliance and More..

PRESS: LA Blogger Muzophile Interviews DJ Maximus 3000 for his Blog

Los Angeles Based Dance Music, Gay Pop Culture and Social Commentator Muzophile Interviews DJ Maximus 3000 about a  series of Topics in a one on one candid conversation on his Blog, Follow this Link for  For the Full Interview:

PRESS: Covers “Official Madonna After Party” Thanksgiving Eve

PRESS: Covers “Official Madonna After Party” Thanksgiving Eve Go here for Pictures:

PRESS: Miami New Time’s Jacob Katel Cover “Silents Please!” at Miami Beach Cinematheque

Miami New Times Entertainment and Nightlife Columnist Jacob Katel Covers DJ Maximus 3000’s Appearance @ Miami Beach Cinematheque’s Monthly installation Series “Silents Please!”

PRESS: Gioia Bruno’s “Change the world” DJ Maximus 3000 mix on the Web

Here are some people Supporting “Change the World” by Gioia Bruno, Mixed by DJ Maximus 3000.

PRESS: LA Based Blogger MUZOPHILE Features “Change the World” Gioia Bruno , DJ Maximus 3000 mix

LA Music and Gay pop Culture Blogger Muzophile Features Gioia Bruno’s “Change The World (DJ Maximus 3000’s Freedom Mix)” on his Blog.

Check it out here:–dj-maximus-3000.aspx

PRESS: Covers “Heaven and Hell Ball” at Living room Nightclub

Press: Covers the Second anual Heaven and Hell ball at Fort Lauderdale’s Living Room Nightclub October 31, 2008

View Pictures here:

PRESS: Covers “Wig Out” @ Click Aero Bar, DJ Maximus 3000 Birthday Bash reports on Wig Out

“We’re not done with Halloween 2008 yet! CLICK’s big haunted bash “Wig Out” brought Elaine Lancaster out to perform along with club promoter Omar Gonzales (he was great!) – plus Adora kicked wigged butt and Ricky Salazar celebrated his birthday. We got the party on film!”

Go here for the  Photo gallery:

PRESS: Covers the Grand Opening of Living Room Nightclub Oct 17, 2008.

Press: Covers the Grand Opening of Living Room Nightclub Oct 17, 2008.

Go here for Pictures:

PRESS: Covers Living Room Grand Opening! Reports:

“It’s back to Las Olas for the Ft. Lauderdale gay community, as hip new venue Living Room Ultra Lounge opened up on Friday night to a big crowd. Matthew Rush was in attendance, and all 11,000 feet of sensory pleasure ensured the party made a statement: the popular bar from NYC, Tokyo, and Paris has landed in South Florida. EDGE has the photos!”

View Photos Here:

PRESS: Covers Living Room Grand Opening!

Press: Covers Living Room Grand Opening.

Go here to view Gallery:

PRESS: Clubbeats.Blogspot’s JD Reports on Change the World

Press: blogger JD reports on “Change the world” Project.

PRESS: Nicole Belle of Posts video of “Change the world”

Press: Nicole Belle of posts video which sparks a barrage of back and forth between opinionated people for both sides. Hot debate! you decide what you think…

PRESS: The Wire Reports “Maximus 3000: The Hardest working DJ in South Florida”


Maximus 3000:

The Hardest Working DJ in South Florida



Whenever I’m out in the scene either spinning or just hangin’ with friends, I’m often asked “What’s so hard about DJing? You put a song on and when it’s almost over you play the next one.” If only it were that simple! Whether I’m spinning at a fundraising event, T-dance or cocktail lounge, as a DJ it’s my job to keep the party going no matter what the vibe is. That means not only choosing the right songs and blending them seamlessly, but reading the crowd and knowing when it’s time to change things up a bit. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not an exact science either. So you never really know how the crowd’s going to react to what you play. Every DJ has their own style, technique and even their own little tricks of the trade to help take their set to the next level. But we all have one thing in common-our passion for music. It’s that passion that eventually drives many DJs to take their skills out of the clubs and into the studio. These days if you’re a DJ wanting to make it to the big leagues it’s not enough to just spin other people’s songs anymore. Whether it’s a remix for another artist or a project of their own, production has become a given in just about every DJ’s portfolio. One DJ in particular has taken that concept and multiplied it to the Nth degree. Between his upcoming residency at a hot new venue, several production projects simultaneously under way and a weekly radio show, DJ Maximus 3000 could very well be the hardest working man behind the turntables.

 With A punk-rock star attitude, Maximus 3000‘s unique formula as a spinmaster focuses on the new wave of Vocal Electro-House.  Truly one of a kind, and with one goal always at the epicenter of each performance: to please his audience. With a cross section of dark electronic, early rave, soulful house, filtered disco, and techhouse influences;  He fuses elements of early 80’s, electro, classic breaks  and modern house styles in all his sets,  always high-energy, unexpected and intriguing, almost as much as his look. From the Petshop Boys to Ladytron to Deee-lite to current wave makers Deadmau5, Kaskade, and Eric Prydz, you’re sure to hear them all in his unique sets.

Both his mixing and production aesthetic stem from a diverse and extensive knowledge of electronica and intelligent dance music, a side affect of frequenting the Goth/underground clubs and touring the early rave scene during his youth. It’s that versatility that’s spawned invitations to headline events for all types of crowds. From sexy high-energy lounges and chic parties to mega dance clubs to Electro Rock bars, Maximus’ vocal and electro house beats have always had the power to uplift and dominate the crowds.

Although only 28 years old, Maximus 3000‘s experience is vast and well recognized. He’s lent his magic touch to signature South Florida venues like Score, Splash, Tantra, Funkshion, Soho Lounge, Deck23 and Boom Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, just to mention a few. Throughout his career, Maximus has also shared the stage with some of the most prestigious electronic heavy hitters in the biz such as The B-52s, Josh Riptide, Jes of Motorcycle, Fred Schnieder, The Klubjumpers, Mike Mucci, Michael M and Randy Freiss. With this arsenal of experience under his belt it’s no wonder Maximus was asked to take the musical wheel at one of the most highly anticipated and talked about venues in recent times:  The Living Room Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Slated to have its Grand Opening October 17, 2008 the clubs’ opening night is one not to be missed.

When asked how he feels to have one of the most coveted Residencies in South Florida, Maximus replied “I am truly excited about this project. There is a refreshing and innovative team behind all aspects of this venue, and it is my pleasure to contribute to that movement. Everything about this venue cosmically aligned for everyone involved and I also feel the public is yearning for a much needed ‘Next thing’.  The Nightlife scene has become very stagnant and my vow to bring 200% effort to the decks each and every performance is set in stone.  The venue to me can only be summed up in two words: Blissful synesthesia.  I hope to see each and everyone there!”

2008’s 4th quarter is a hotbed of activity for Maximus. He not only has his residency at Living Room but a slew of side projects involving almost every aspect of the dance music industry. That being said, he has pointed out that one of his goals in the next coming months is to take a more active part in the world around him through his sphere of influence and ties to the music industry. One such project is his latest Production: A remix for Gioia Bruno“Change the world” aptly titled DJ Maximus 3000’s Freedom Mix. For anyone who’s been living under a rock the last 20 years, Gioia Bruno was one third of the 80’s freestyle/pop/dance group Expose’. Together they topped the charts with hits like Point of No Return, Come Go with Me & Seasons Change. After the ladies parted ways, Gioia continued to pursue her passion for music, releasing a number of singles as a solo artist with a continued fan base to this day. Change the world is a donation to the Obama campaign and a collaborative effort between several artists. The original track was co-written by Andy Fraser (bassist for the group Free, best known for their hit All Right Now) and Gioia Bruno, and produced by Miami-based producers Musiq Maniacs. Intended to be an inspirational and educational message, the track is free domain and is available for download to share and pass along to everyone.

When I asked Maximus how he got involved with the project he said: “Well, like most things in the industry I got sent an acapella from a friend and was explained in very brief detail what the song was about and who was involved. It didn’t take too much back and forth before I went full force with my involvement. For one, it’s Gioia Bruno! Secondly the song fit so naturally with where I’m at right now it felt right to get involved.  Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate that speaks to me and represents me as an individual ,defending me and showing me a glimmer of hope in this country where I STILL don’t have the same rights as my heterosexual brothers and sisters. That boggles my mind and frankly hurts so deeply, it felt like my duty to take the torch on this issue. Turning it down would be turning down a chance to do something significant.  Besides Gioia’s lyrics and vocals are mind numbingly addictive! I implore everyone to go out and VOTE!”

With all these accomplishments under his belt and current projects underway, I just had to ask what else he’s got planned for the rest of 2008 and 2009. “I am working hard on bringing to the scene a different concept of house/electronic music that has the old-school influence and a completely fresh approach and style. I will keep on bringing my electro-vocal and upbeat sounds to the decks and continue with my work as a producer and remixer with some of the most talented national and international artists.” He’s recently inked a deal to produce New York Based Singer Tania Mashay on a set of Vocal House tracks which are slated to be released on his newly formed 8025 Alliance Music Group. His new record label group is comprised of a contingency of well known Miami-based independent dance labels including Amplitude Recordings headed by DJ/Producer Mike Mucci and Destune Records run by partners DJ/Producer Jorge Ojeda and Jonpito. He also has several remix projects about to drop on the digital market including remixes for Chris Costanzo and Jody Vokus on Distant Drum Recordings, Vanessa Conde on Destune Records, Evolved on Amplitude Recordings, T&A on Slanted Black Records, and several remixes for his currently signed artists including Oren Nizri and Ebonee Excell, Josh Riptide and the New York based Duo Exit 59.

All this is nicely capped off by the sealing of yet another venture joining the newly formed online radio network Dance Mix America as a partner and program director alongside Miami-based favorite Ceevox, and Orlando Radio personality and MC, DJ Jason Jensen. Maximus will be joining the stellar talents of Midnight Society, Saliva Commandos, DJ Paulo, and DJ Pride, among others as a mixshow DJ with his two distinct shows Atomic Sessions and Jack’s Groove (a specialty mixshow of 90’s mashups and throwbacks). And if that wasn’t  enough, he will also be a co-hosting two weekly talk/interview shows DMA Artist confidential and I got my education Podcasts which will feature in-depth interviews of some of the biggest and brightest Dance Music Stars in the industry, with his co-hosts Michael M and Jonpito.

If you thought that you had heard and seen it all, plan on attending Maximus 3000‘s upcoming performances. You can catch Maximus 3000 live as he headlines for the grand opening Living Room October 17, 2008 from 10-4am and then each and every Friday from then on, also earlier that day Maximus is spinning at Metamorphecise Spa and health club for a spin-a-thon to benefit the Braman Cancer Research foundation proudly sponsored by Maximus and his newly formed 8025 Alliance Music group and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Center. On October 26, 2008 Maximus will be celebrating his birthday along with DJ Oren Nizri by spinning at Click’s new Home at Aerobar.

To check out future events, more information on his upcoming radio schedule and to download your copy of Gioia Bruno’s Change the World visit and get ready for a refreshing journey!

PRESS: Miami Herald Reviews Spin-A-Thon

Miami Herald Reports on Spin-A-Thon. Featuring DJ Maximus 3000 Spinnning live sponsored by 8025 Alliance Music Group, UM Sylvester comprehensive Center and Metamorphecise Spa & Gym.

Get fit and fight cancer
Special to The Miami Herald
Seventy stationary bikes for spinning will be used to help find a cure for cancer.

”Our job is to raise money, and we’ll spin to get the job done,” said Jay Stone, general manager of Metamorphecise Spa, Salon & Health Club in Pembroke Pines.

The spa at 111 Grand Palms Dr., owned by Miramar resident and fitness expert Lisa Dwoskin-Woityra, will host a Oct. 17 nighttime spin-a-thon for the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Dwoskin-Woityra said she was inspired by her father’s Dwoskin Family Foundation, which has given $1 million since 2003 to the cancer center for lymphoma research. But she was driven to action by her mother’s recent diagnosis of breast cancer.

”It makes me happy to make my mother happy,” Dwoskin-Woityra said.

So far, 20 spinners are signed up and $10,000 has been raised.

Personal fitness instructor, bodybuilder and model Anna Level will lead the spin-a-thon. Spinners from other health clubs, such as Fitness 21, may turn out for what could be a fitness showdown.

The cost? A $50 donation or the same in pledges. The theme: “Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken, never ever giving up hope.”

Dwoskin-Woityra said the four-hour outdoor event also will include a free health and fitness fair with about 40 vendors, a Chinese auction featuring high-dollar gifts, and hobnobbing with glitz-and-glamour celebrities.

Guests can graze for $10 a person at a buffet of high-energy fun foods. Stone said the entire event, with belly dancers, hip-hop performers, a bounce house for kids and tunes spun by South Beach DJ Maximus 3000, will amount to a huge community party.

”Coming together for a common cause is cause for celebration,” Stone said.

The spin-a-thon will be from 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 17 at Metamorphecise Spa, 111 Grand Palms Dr., Pembroke Pines. Call 954-450-5535. ”

PRESS: Top-40 reports on “Change The world” project

Press: Top-40 posts press release of “Change the world”..

PRESS: Gaysofla covers Sunflower Covers the “Sunflower” event during WMC, check out this Post:

Press: Edge NYC Syndicates Coverage of “Back to Miami” party

Press: Edge NYC Syndicates Coverage of “Back to Miami” party during the 2008 WMC at click @ Dek 23.

PRESS: Covers “Back to Miami” Party at Click Covers the “Back to Miami” Party During the 2008 WMC at Click @ Dek 23

Check out the Great Photos here:

Press: Covers “Back to Miami” Party at Click’s Geo Bustamonte and David Wylie cover the “Back To Miami’ event at Click @ Dek 23 during 2008 WMC.

Check out spread Here:

Press: Edge San Francisco Covers Sunflower event covers Sunflower event During WMC.

Check out Article Here:

Press: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival this Weekend’

Website: The

Title: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival this Weekend’

Author | Publish date: Blog By Douglas Lorah July 2006

Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival This Weekend
(released 7/6/2006)
By Douglas Lorah
Cochino Gordo Productions is holding the first ever Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival, which gains its uniqueness in that post-production had to be done in the state of Florida. Some of the films that have been covered either through news coverage or help in casting in the past by the Green Room include: Sanderson County, 6 out of 7, Infideliphant, Wish, and Lobstar.

The Orlando festival starts on Friday, July 7th with the Opening Night Party at One Eyed Jack’s with drinks and apps, film clips from festival movies, and music from DJ Maximus 3000 and the Hindu Cowboys. The party starts at 6pm and runs until 8pm. Following at 8:30pm, festival continues with Mink Extols, a speaking engagement with Mink Stole at the History Center.

Saturday and Sunday, films will screen during the day from 12-5pm at the Parliament House Footlight Theater and from 5:30-midnight at the History Center. There is an after-party on Saturday at the Parliament House with Dance Planet X.

On Monday, July 10th from 6pm-8pm, the awards will be given out at the Closing Party which will be held at the Parliament House. DJ Maximus 3000 will be spinning records and Orlando band Thruster will perform followed by a performance with Fred Schneider of the B-52’s. Also, the trailer for Fred Schneider’s film Hogzilla will be presented.

For more information, including directions to the venues, pricing of events and a list of the films, please go to

Press: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival listing’


Website: Production

Title: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival listing’

Author | Publish date: Blog by Production


Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival
Event Details
By Production

Event Title: Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival
Event Dates: 07/06/06–07/10/06
Submission Deadline: 05/15/06
Event Holder: Sponsored by Cochino Gordo Productions
Event Venue: Orange County Regional History Center, Downtown and the Parliament House
Event Location: Orlando, FL
Description: AIDA’S BIG PHAT FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL, in honor of Aida Molina is a new annual celebration of independent, digital films produced in Florida. Located in Orlando, the City Beautiful, AIDA’S festival not only promotes Florida’s growing digital film market, but it also honors and cherishes true independent film makers.

Thursday, July 6, 2006 – VIP Party – 6pm-8pm – FOR FESTIVAL SPONSORS ONLY
· The History Center (Downtown Orlando) – 65 E. Central Blvd. Orlando, 32806 – (407) 836 -8500 –
· Premiere of the documentary on Frances Milstead (Divine’s mother
Friday, July 7, 2006 – Opening Night Party
· 6pm-8pm – One Eyed Jack’s (15 N. Orange Ave. Orlando-part of Wall Street – (407) 849-0471) Cocktails, appetizers, accepted film’s movie clips, DJ Maximus 3000, Hindu Cowboys perform – $5 PER PERSON (21 AND UP ONLY)
· 8:30pm-9:30pm – Mink Extols – Mink Stole speaks at the History Center with Q&A afterwards – $15 PER PERSON
Saturday, July 8, 2006 – Film Screenings – $5 PER FILM SCREENING SESSION
· 12pm-5pm – Film Screenings at the Parliament House Footlight Theater – 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando (407) 425-7571
· 6pm-midnight – Film Screenings at the History Center with Florida musicians and artists, drinks and food
· After-party at the Parliament House with Dance Planet X performing live on Pool Stage.
Sunday, July 9, 2006 – Film Screenings – $5 PER FILM SCREENING SESSION
· 12pm-5pm – Film Screenings at the Parliament House Footlight Theater
· 6pm-midnight – Film Screenings at the History Center with Florida musicians and artists, drinks and food.
Monday, July 10, 2006 – Closing Party – Awards Ceremony – BY INVITATION ONLY
· 6pm-8pm – Awards Night. DJ Maximus 3000 spins and Orlando band Thruster performs live at Parliament House Footlight Theater followed by a performance with Fred Schneider and Thruster. Premiere of the trailer for Fred Schneider’s film Hogzilla. Food and Drinks.

Contact Information
Address: Tim Dunn – PO Box 531151
Contact Location: Orlando, FL 32853-1151
Email: Send Email
Fax: 407.896.5838

Press: Blurb by The Watermark staff July 2006


Publication: The Watermark

Title: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival listing’

Author | Publish date: Blurb by The Watermark staff July 2006


by published in issue #1313 June 29, 2006

FYI: Film Festival Schedule
By The Watermark Orlando

Aida’s Big Phat Schedule of Events

Mink Stole’s appearance is but one of the offerings at the inaugural Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival. The non-profit Florida-only digital film festival is July 6 to 10 and film screenings will be held at Orange County Regional History Center and the Parliament House.

Named in honor of Aida Molina, the festival not only promotes Florida’s growing digital film market, but is designed to honor independent filmmakers.

Out singer Fred Schneider of the B-52s, creator of the upcoming film Hogzilla, and Frances Milstead, mother of the late actor/drag legend Divine, are both scheduled to appear.

Tickets for each film are $5 and are available with a complete schedule of events at

Friday, July 7

• 6 p.m.-8 p.m. – Opening Night Party. One Eyed Jack’s, 15 N. Orange Ave. Cocktails, appetizers, accepted film’s movie clips.

• 8:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. – Mink Stole speaks at the Orange County History Center with a Q&A afterwards.

Saturday, July 8

• Noon-5 p.m. – Film screenings, Parliament House Footlight Theater, 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail.

• 6 p.m.-Midnight – Film screenings, Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E. Central Ave., with Florida musicians and artists, drinks and food.

• 9 p.m.-2 a.m. – After-party, Parliament House with Dance Planet X performing live on Pool Stage.

Sunday, July 9

• Noon-5 p.m. – Film screenings, Parliament House Footlight Theater, 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail.

• 6 p.m.-Midnight – Film screenings, Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E. Central Ave., with Florida musicians and artists, drinks and food.

Monday, July 10

• 6 p.m.-8 p.m. – Closing ceremony and awards party, Parliament House Footlight Theater. Performances by DJ Maximus 3000, Thruster and Fred Schneider. Premiere of the trailer for Schneider’s film Hogzilla. W Staff reports

Press: ‘Wanziegram June’


Title: ‘Wanziegram June’

Author | Publish date : blog by Mike Wanzie June 2006


Friday, June 16, 2006

Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival
For many years now, Florida has been developing a more competitive film market by keeping film productions in Florida. There are state sanctioned incentives in place to provide the financial assistance that many new Florida production companies need to succeed. The folks at Cochino Gordo Productions are taking it one step further, by sponsoring a cool, hip, truly independent, PHAT film festival at which the real independent filmmakers of Florida can express their creativity in their own way. This is a place where their dreams become one step closer to reality. This is AIDA’S BIG PHAT FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL and were here to stay. The first annual AIDA’S BIG PHAT FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL will take place in July, 2006 in Orlando, Florida.

Be it short, long, animated, music video, drama, comedy, religious, political, gay, straight, bi, outrageous, conservative, sweet, ugly, or sexy! This – Florida’s first and only digital festival for the exclusive exhibition of films by Floridian filmmakers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exhibit at this inaugural event! If you have a film. Submit it now – or forget about it for another whole year! Find out more by visiting the website!

Mink Stole – world renowned actor and star of cult filmmaker John Waters’ films – A Dirty Shame, Cry Baby, Serial Mom, Hairspray and others – will be a guest speaker during Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival. Ms. Stole will speak at the Orange County Historical Center (in Downtown Orlando adjacent to Heritage Park) on July 7th at 8:30 PM.

Mink Stole’s appearance is just one of the many festivities included in this inaugural digital film fest which will present screenings at both The Parliament House and the Orange County Historical Center.

Other Guest Speakers include Fred Schneider of the B-52’s – creator of the upcoming film – HOGZILLA, as well as Frances Milstead – mother of the late actor/drag icon – DIVINE; who will be promoting FRANCES – the documentary of her life, which will be one of the featured films at the festival.

Two films that WANZIE co-created along with Orlando filmmaker Jason Piekarski and the crew at Lantern Light Studios will be featured entries at Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival:
THE MISS SAMMY SHOW: A Day In The Life of Miss Sammy


PAUL WEGMAN: A Tribute – which won the award for Best Documentary Short at the 2005 Fire Island Film Festival held as an adjunct to the prestigious Long Island Film Festival.
For scheduled events and screening times log onto:

Remember you can get “Porked” by Aida the Film Phest Pig, and if you are lucky enough to be a porkee, you will land a role in HOGZILLA, the film by the B-52’s Fred Schneider which will be a featured entry in the 2007 festival. Porking is one of the ways the Cochino Gordo folks are utilizing to publicize and create interest in the July 2006 inaugural festival, which will present digital films produced by filmmakers who reside in the state of Florida.

And remember – Keep your eye on Aida the Pig

Press: ‘Kill Miss Pretty Music Review’


Title:‘Kill Miss Pretty Music Review’

Author | Publish date: Blog by Sun Sentinal June 2006


Kill Miss Pretty

Jun 30, 2006

by Sun sentinal music review

MP3: Kill Miss Pretty — Negative Creep

Kill Miss Pretty will be bringing cool, electro-punk sounds to its latest gig, a Freezer Party on Miami Beach.

Exactly what’s up with the chilly reception? Russ Rogers, the band’s co-founder and guitarist, said that’s for fans to figure outwhen the costumes and props are unveiled July 13 at Electro-a-Go-Go at the Marlin Hotel, 1200 Collins Ave.

KMP was formed last year, with Rogers joined by his wife, Alicia, on vocals, and bassist Martin Davis. Rogers promises that each show will have a different theme.

The band’s debut concert May 26 at Gumwrappers in Fort Lauderdale was a down-the-rabbit-hole affair with members wearing Alice in Wonderland-style outfits.

Rogers also plays guitar with the Numb Ones, with guitarist James Coyle and drummer Phil Tucciarone. They released their first CD of catchy heavy-rock tunes, Everything in Between, in September on Cleopatra Records.

KMP is set to release an indie CD this fall. Unlike the Numb Ones, Rogers describes Pretty’s beat as having more of a dance element, with delectable grooves similar to the Faint and Jucifer, and Fugazi-tinged razor guitar.

“My wife and I are very creative,” Rogers said. “We love music and it’s something we can do together. The fact that people can listen to it and dig it, that’s all the better.”

KMP is expected to hit the stage around 11 p.m. at the Marlin. Contact 305-604-3595 or

Info:, and
(File photo)

Jun 30, 2006

Copyright © 2006, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Press: Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?


Website:The Orlando Sentinel

Title:‘Want to land a role in a Fred Schnieder movie?’

Author | Publish date:Blog by The Orlando Sentinal June 2006

Want to land a role in a Fred Schneider film?
Posted on Jun 15, 2006

By the Orlando Sentinal Blog

The B-52s frontman is making something titled Hogzilla, which he will be pitching/showing the trailer for at the upcoming pig themed Aida Big Phat Digital movie festival.

And even though they’re only buying ads in the gay mag Watermark, WTH? I’ll give’em a nod.

Two events will provide casting ops. The first is the June 18 T-dance at the Parliament House. The second is an Aida event at Lake Eola on June 25.

Go to for details.

And Hogzilla? That’s a Georgia folk-legend that turned out to be true, right? A monster hog the size of an Escalade?

Press: Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival


Website: Connections

Title: ‘Aida’s Big phat florida film festival listing’

Author | Publish date:Blog by Connections Group


7/6-7/10: (Thurs-Mon) Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival …Varied Time
Orange County Regional History Center
The Parliament House
The Social
The Veranda
>>> “AIDA’S Big Phat Florida Film Festival, in honor of Aida Molina, is a new annual celebration of independent, digital films produced IN Florida.
Located in Orlando, the City Beautiful, Aida’s festival not only promotes Floridaís growing digital film market, but it also honors and cherishes true independent film makers.
For many years now, Florida has been developing a more competitive film market by keeping film productions in Florida. There are state sanctioned incentives in place to provide the financial assistance that many new Florida production companies need to succeed. We here at Cochino Gordo Productions, LLP are taking it one step further, by sponsoring a cool, hip, truly independent, Phat film festival at which the real independent filmmakers of Florida can express their creativity in their own way. This is a place where their dreams become one step closer to reality. This is Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival and we’re here to stay.
>>> To submit YOUR film (free) visit
Please join us in making Aida’s Big Phat Florida Film Festival a festival that we all in Florida can be proud of.
To learn the story of Aida Molina and how through sponsoring our film festival, you can bring the hope of life to children in need, please visit our website at
Aida sends a big Phat kiss your way! Keep your eye on Aida, the pig.
Snappy Casual attire/
Entry Ticket- $5 Discounts for package purchase
Call Tim Dunn for more information at 407-340-4387

Press: A latin Buzz – Hollystar

Publication: Buzz magazine

Title: A latin buzz 5-4-06′

Author | Publish date: Article by Samara Riviera May 2006

A Latin Buzz 5-13-06
By Samara Riviera
spread Published May 13, 2006

Press: “Hotshots” SobeMusic video Shoot

Publication: Hotspots Magazine

Title: ‘HOTSHOTS!: South Beach Video Shoot’

Author | Publish date: Photo Spread by Pedro Josue Iriarte  May 2006

Press: ‘Girl about town’



Title: ‘Girl about town’

Author | Publish date: Blog by Jipsy (The Nefarious girl) May 2006



Girl About Town 5/2
May 3, 2006 01:55 PM
by Jipsy [email]

Hola mi gente…

A few of art parties brought out a fashionable crowd on Saturday night. My first stop was at Casa Casurina (aka the Versace Mansion) for the 8th Annual Fashion Art Ball benefiting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, where some of Miami’s top movers and shakers mingled.

After watching nightclub impresarios like Michael Capponi, Oliver, and Alan Roth strut their stuff down the runway, the crowd diminished off into the night. Some moved over to the first Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament and some just simply left. I stayed put to do a little people watching and enjoy some champagne and chat with some nightlife acquaintances.

While I was in the ladies room, I ran into Carson from Queer Eye and like the lady he is, greeted me with air kisses. Out in the beautifully lit courtyard, I watched guests eat, drink and cast a bid on art. The music was okay and the party was good, but I had to go. The night was just starting.

After Casa, I walked over to Rex (lobby at Marlin Hotel) to see Efren “Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite” Ramirez spinning at the new Electro A GoGo party. Leaving the Ball early gave me some time to see what this electro thing was all about.

To my excitement, I was thrilled to see some make up, glitter and thrift store mixed with high end labeled outfits and that was just the boys. One spin around the lounge just to see, I was on my way out to the next event. I was off to Poplife for more art, fashion, music and fierce attitudes.

After all the clubbing, I was beat on Sunday morning. Instead of checking on emails and start my week early, I had a nice afternoon walk and came home to watch a movie Alan T hooked me up with. And after a year of wanting to see it, my time was here.

The Nomi Song is a documentary on the life of the bizarre Klaus Nomi, an artist, who had big fame in the 80s underground New York scene. Now available on DVD, you can watch over and over again this long gone but never forgotten artist. If you love performance art and underground glam, you will enjoy this movie.

Happy May. This month is about the Momma! Mama Mia makes a stop at the Jackie Gleason in Miami Beach from May 3rd to May 7th. Tickets are available right now. Already on stage is my mothers’ favorite performance, Carmen at the Florida Grand Opera. If you have ever wanted to see an opera, this one is a great one to see.

And if you are tired of the same ol’, another new party begins this month at Soho Lounge in the Miami Design District called The Gathering. They promise to be on the darker side of electro by spinning, gothic, dark wave, and industrial, plus electro clash, future and synth pop. Starts on May 10th, 18+ and no cover all night.

New in my MP3 player

Rouge Traders – Watching You (Dirty South Vocal Mix) – electro love with a house twist, female vocals “take me downtown”.

Weekly Picks

– Electro A GoGo at Rex in the Marlin Hotel. The music actually makes you dance all night long. This week I hope to see more glam, more glitter, more make up, more neon, and more hair spray. Get into the groove kids, it’s about the nightlife!
– After all your wild Cinco De Mayo parties, andale to Studio A for some after hours action. DJ Bruno & Nelson Diaz on the ones and twos will keep house alive indoors at the In House party.
– Experience a Professional Cooking Class taught by Chef Alfredo Patiño. Its $85 per class and participants will have one-on-one “knife on cutting board” time with the Chef. To be served: Ultimate Lobster Cobb Salad, Asparagus and Mushroom au Gratin, Tuna Tartar with Avocado and Herb Salad, Gazpacho of Andalusia, selection of Ceviches. Class starts at 2:00pm – 4:00 pm. At La Cuisine Gourmet, 50 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables (305) 442.9006

To be notified when G.A.T is updated please click here and send me a blank email.

Send all your party info and gossip to:

Press: ‘Hes Got Your Back’


Publication: The Broward New Times

Title: Hes Got your Back’

Author | Publish date: article by Lyssa Oberkreser Apr 2006

He’s Got your Back
We’ll Vote for you, Efren!
By Lyssa Oberkreser
Article Published April 21, 2006

Idiots! That’s what we call people who have not yet seen Napoleon Dynamite. For those who love tater tots, tetherball, and building cakes for special ladies, you are cooler than the other side of the pillow. But even if you didn’t vote for Pedro, you are still welcome to come out and party with DJ Efren Ramirez and Estefania Crespo at tonight’s Electro A Go-Go “Hollystar” event at the Marlin (1200 Collins Ave., Miami Beach). “It’s all about the music and having a good time,” says Ramirez, who’s been spinning for about five years. “When I’m not filming, I’m DJing.” Don’t worry; he won’t get mad if you accidentally call him Pedro. “People associate me with Pedro because that’s all they’ve seen me in so far,” Ramirez says as he’s munching a chimichanga. “I don’t mind because it’s just the beginning of everything else in my career.” Ramirez likes to cater to the crowd when he spins, so expect to hear a nice mix of house, hip-hop, and good ’80s tunes, like When in Rome’s “The Promise.” Still not convinced that this is going to be a fabulous party? “Dance with me and all of your wildest dreams will come true,” Ramirez promises. Get ready to shake it all night long and do some shots with “Pedro” from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Admission costs $10. Call 305-205-2217, or visit Sat., April 29. Marlin Hotel, 1200 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

Press: Hotshots! “Shelley Novak Awards”

Publication: Hotspots Magazine

Title: ‘HOTSHOTS!: Shelley Novak Awards’

Author | Publish date: Photo spread by Pedro Josue Iriarte Apr 2006