” DJ Maximus3000 Spins it Like its Hot in South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and at Pride Fests Across the Country”


“MIAMI”S MAXIMUS MUSIC MAN – No one brings the sounds, trends & vibe to the dancefloor that DJ
Maximus 3000 does.  His mix of hip, hot & humble attitude in his
work make him THE DJ to watch.”

Herb Sosa, Ambiente Magazine

“To the MAX! DJ Maximus 3000 Spins us Right Round!”

—  Sheri Elfman, Hotspots Magazine

“A well-spoken, multi-talented intellectual breath of fresh air! With a great outlook on life and music,…he’s on his way to becoming one of the few superstar DJs famed for all around music success!”

—  Editor,

“He will Become A Magnate!”

—  Juan Carlos Duthie, Muy Enteresante Magazine

“His Talent and Creativity has definitely left a mark on South Florida”

—  Sheri Elfman,

“Interview with DJ Maximus 3000”

—  Editor, Latino Boys Magazine

“South Florida’s Finest DJ”

—  Muzo Phile,

“The HARDEST working DJ in South Florida”

—  Alfredo Barrios, The Wire

“DJ Profile: Maximus 3000 Gets Bigger”

—  Mark Thompson,

“Celebrando la Musica con nuestros DJs Latinos”

—  Dale Stine, Latino Boys Magazine

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